2.5 stars: Review of MYSTIC PRINCESS by Kelli Marie

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The Rundown

Imagine being a newly eighteen-year-old, you are the only known person left of your kind and, most importantly, the weight of your kind’s survival rests heavily on your shoulders. This is exactly the position Cara is in. Cara is of the Mystic race, capable of controlling the elements around her. And being the last known Mystic seen in the kingdom of Myridia for the last seventeen years, it is up to her to keep her race from the brink of extinction. As she trains to manifest her powers and takes the path to learning about her roots, Cara will discover truths she had always disbelieved and secrets that might just kill her and everyone she loves.

MYSTIC PRINCESS is a fantasy story with its romance element standing front and center. It opens by showing what Cara will ultimately face: choosing between the perfect fiancé or the dependable childhood best friend. It is the relationship of these three that was essentially the main focus of this book which could either leave a good taste or bad taste, depending on what the reader prefers. The book does deliver to be fast-paced and bring unexpected twists and turns. However, it is this pacing that may have kept the reader from fully engaging with the characters.

The progress of Cara’s powers seem to pass by as if part of a montage and perhaps this is because the fantasy element wasn’t really the central point of the story. And yet, her relationships with the some of the characters weren’t given enough emphasis as to allow the reader to get a grasp on how such could affect Cara and the plot. In effect, some characters that seem essential to the story was given little depth beyond their typical tropes. The character development of Cara herself seem like a roller coaster ride on its own. Similarly, the journey to learning her Mystic roots wasn’t exactly palpable throughout the novel until near the very end. What was given much emphasis on each chapter, instead, was Cara’s relationship with her two love interests. Of the two, it is Xavier who is the more interesting as he is as unpredictable as the entire story. Thus, keeping one truly on edge of their seat.

Emphasizing much on the story’s love triangle and not much else may not make MYSTIC PRINCESS an enjoyable read to some but if you favor romance with sufficient fantasy element and enough action-packed scenes, then you may give this book a try.

The Recommendation

For those who love reading stories with a love triangle like Twilight and the Trylle Trilogy, you’ll find much of that, sufficient enough fantasy element, and action-packed scenes in this book.

The Rating Reviewer Rating: 2.5 Stars

2.5 Stars (out of 5): Needs work. This book has promise, and with the help of an editing team, it could easily be reworked into a professional manuscript.

The Pros & Cons

Pros: Surprise Ending
Cons: Character Developement, Dialogue, Plot Sometimes Jumpy

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