3 stars: Review of IHUNT by David A Hill Jr

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The Rundown

#iHunt: Killing Monsters in the Gig Economy is a clever, modern urban fantasy by Olivia Hill. Lana, an overworked, underpaid millennial, is just trying to keep her rent paid. Supplementing her terrible service job with freelance gigs on the iHunt, the Uber of monster hunting, Lana finds herself becoming embroiled in the supernatural underworld of her town. She fights vampires and werewolves for a non-guaranteed fee, reluctantly trains eager friends in monster hunting, and potentially finds love with the last person she might expect.


#iHunt is a unique take on the modern monster hunter. The way the story revolves around supernatural takes on Uber, Grubhub, and AirBnB allows it to explore the effects of these apps on their various industries. The world Hill creates is engrossing and distinctly modern, embracing trappings of smartphones and student loans rather than trying to ignore them. However, the story itself needs some editing. It serves as an introduction and foundation for the rest of the series which, while necessary, comes at the expense of a strong plot. The love story, while interesting and intriguing, develops far too quickly and some of the side characters have uneven or flat development. And while the story touches on many important social issues, they are often just discussed as an aside in the narration rather than woven into the story. However, despite these weaknesses, #iHunt is a fun and thought-provoking beginning to what could be a very strong and timely urban fantasy series.

The Recommendation

This book is recommended for fans of Joss Whedon’s work, fans of modern urban fantasy, and readers who enjoy the development of a detailed and absorbing world. However, it is not recommended for readers who want a plot-focused story.

The Rating Reviewer Rating: 3 Stars

3 Stars (out of 5): Pretty good. Sure, there were some issues, but it was still worth the read.

The Pros & Cons

Pros: Page Turner, Strong World-Building
Cons: Character Developement, Plotline

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