4.5 stars: Review of MALEFICA by Katie H. Weill

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The Rundown

Malefica opens in an alternative present where witches are real—and they are enemies of the state. Claudia, the hero, is a high school student with a seizure disorder and service dog, although she hasn’t had a seizure in as long as she can remember. On the cusp of her eighteenth birthday, as a senior in high school, she takes the required course about the history of witches and the terror they bring to society.

Claudia convinces her doting father—her mother died when she was a baby—to allow her a small party on the night of her eighteenth birthday. Claudia’s three best friends come over to her house for a party, bringing with them a dangerous piece of contraband: what readers will recognize as a Ouija board. As Claudia reads an inscription on the toy, she activates her latent witch powers, changing her life forever.

As her powers manifest, her friends turn on her, looking at her with fear, disgust, and terror. Her dog Luca, who turns out to be not at all what he seems, saves her from them, and they flee. Claudia and Luca are on the run from both the authorities who would kill Claudia on sight and from the witches who want Claudia to join their coven—for nefarious reasons. Luca educates Claudia about witches and the ugly truths about them. Note to readers: this book is likely far more brutal than what you might have been expecting.

If the bad guys in this book are a little too one dimensional, the plot makes up for it with its complete unpredictability. At every turn, the plot presented something unexpected and new. At the end, be prepared for a massive cliffhanger.

The Recommendation

Malefica is perfect for fans off Melissa de la Cruz and Richelle Mead. An unpredictable and tightly woven plot, along with original world-building, keep this book moving forward at a fast clip.

The Rating Reviewer Rating: 4.5 Stars

4.5 Stars (out of 5): Highly recommended. This book is a great read. It can hold its own against any traditionally published novel in its genre, and surpasses many.

The Pros & Cons

Pros: Believable, Dialogue, Emotional, Page Turner, Plot, Strong World-Building
Cons: Character Developement

The Comparisons

For readers who liked these books and authors: Melissa de la Cruz, Richelle Mead

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