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4.5 Stars – Review of TAKE YOU APART by T. J. Spade

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by Amy R. Biddle

The Rundown

Caleb Everett has a talent he would love to lose: he can see into the mind of murderers. In shockingly real visions, he is privy not only to the actions of killers, but also to their inner feelings as they attack their victims. Having barely survived childhood due to his unwanted skills, Caleb has made a life for himself as a successful artist, depicting the very scenes that haunt him. And on the side, he helps his friend, a detective, break cases.

Caleb’s life seems to be doing alright, despite his uncontrollable visions, until other people begin to catch on. It begins with Mikayla, an attractive journalist who shows up at his doorstep with too many questions. But though Caleb finds his feelings growing towards her, he continues to hide his true self. Meanwhile, Caleb and his talents have become a prime target for a mastermind murderer, who sees him as both a threat and a convenient toy.

TAKE YOU APART is a non-stop ride with Caleb as he tries to keep his secrets from Mikayla and stay one step ahead of the murderer who wants his attention so desperately. The identity of the murderer remains hidden until a big reveal towards the end, which heightens the suspense (although I had a pretty good hunch from the beginning, and it proved true). Even still, the characters are well written, and the story was told with just the right balance of suspense, action and humor.

The Recommendation

For the crime and detective novel junkie, TAKE YOU APART is the perfect book to kick back and relax to. Caleb, who suffers from visions of murders through the eyes of the murderer, is a sympathetic and well written character. With a fair amount of violence, it is not for the faint of heart. It is, however, an excellently crafted story.

The Rating Reviewer Rating: 4.5 Stars

4.5 Stars (out of 5): Highly recommended. This book is a great read. It can hold its own against any traditionally published novel in its genre, and surpasses many.

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The Reviewer

Amy R. Biddle

Amy is a co-founder and managing editor of Underground Book Reviews. Her debut novel, The Atheist’s Prayer, is a dark comedy about a fairy-worshiping suicide cult. She is most at home in the Blue Ridge Mountains or surrounded by the great blue sea.

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