About us

When large companies produce art, they create polished masterpieces from tried-and-true formulas. When individuals create art on their own, it is more likely to be reckless and creative. Indie art often flops, but when it soars it redefines the norm. In short, ‘indie’ isn’t just a genre- it’s a movement. The film industry saw it change the face of Hollywood in the 1960’s. The music industry labeled it in the 1980’s during the heyday of Nirvana and The Smiths. And with the dawn of e-publishing, indie books are taking over the literary industry by force.

Unfortunately, to the average consumer, ‘indie’ means high risk. Because for every gem, there’s a thousand bad apples. That’s why there’s filters like the Independent Film Festival and the Independent Music Awards. But apart from a few magazine awards, some online competitions and a plethora of amateur book review blogs, the literary community lacks such a filter. Until now.

At Underground Book Reviews, we encourage authors to take risks, but we’re with them every step of the way. From beta reading to editorial services, the back-end of Underground Book Reviews is a booming literary community full of free-thinkers and budding authors. Through both user recommendations and professional reviews, the diamonds in the rough are allowed to shine. Underground Book Reviews is here to embrace the indie community by bringing you reckless creativity with a polished veneer.