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– Daily traffic: 100+ average visitors per day, approx. 1000 page views daily
– Newsletter Subscribers: 5500+ active email subscriptions
– Facebook Followers: 2500+ Likes
– Twitter Followers: 1100+ organic Followers

Who We Advertise

To ensure quality, we insist that all advertisers are .


Advertising for Certified Books: $20 per month for a Sidebar Feature

Advertising for Certified Companies and Freelancers: $20 per month to be an Email Sponsor

Author Spotlights: $30 for a Q&A in our weekly newsletter (vetted)

Social Media Blasts: $5.00 for a mention on both Facebook and Twitter (vetted)

Banner Advertising: $50 per week to display your banner at the top right of every page – visible to all guests and users except Premium Subscribers. Contact us for details.

MEGA SALE PROMOTION: $75 for across-the-board promotion during a sale under 99 cents, up to one week. Includes a daily Social Media Blast, an Author Spotlight (optional), a mention in This Week’s Sales and Giveaways, a sidebar Feature, and a heading Banner during the sale. Add $30 if you would like our designer to create the banner for you. Certified books only. Contact us with your request.

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Advertising Books

Sidebar Features: $20 Per Month

– Displayed on the sidebar
Once a book is featured, our editors add it to the sidebar of all pages (except Community & Profile pages) under its respective category. Books with 4.5 and 5 star reviews are added under Highly Recommended. Award winners are added under, you guessed it, Award Winners. Books that do not fall into a specific category are added under Other Titles, with a catchphrase. If a book falls under multiple categories, it will automatically go to the highest position possible. In some cases, it may show up in more than one place.

– Displayed on our “Featured” page
Our “Featured” page is located on the menu under “Bookshelf”.

– Sales and giveaways are promoted
Our “Sales and Giveaways” page is located on the menu under “Bookshelf.” Only sales of featured books are visible to the general public, although all sales and giveaways are visible to Premium Subscribers.

– Reviewer Dashboard
Featured Pitch Perfect Picks are the first thing reviewers see after their review requests when they log in to their Reviewer Dashboard.

– You might also like…
The 5 most popular featured books in related categories show up at the bottom of every Book Page with the heading “You might also like…

Books on the sidebar are rotated randomly; a new book should appear in each category upon refresh, but, like rolling dice, sometimes the same book will show up twice in a row. Below you can see how many books are listed under each sidebar category. If the category your book falls into has 5 or less books in it, you are guaranteed a lot of exposure. If there are more than 20 books in that category, less people will see it. At this time we do not pro-rate our advertising fees, so it is behooves you to plan your features wisely.

Books Currently on our Sidebar

Award Winners: 9

The Last Great American Magic by L.C. Fiore
The Last Detective by Brian Cohn
The Cowboy and the Vampire by Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall
Olga by Ted Kelsey
Jane the Quene by Janet Wertman
Gary’s Guide to Life by Michael Nabavian and Phil Wall
Falling in Death and Love by Magnus Stanke
A Necessary Act by Tony Wirt
A Book of Revelations by A. C. Burch

Advertising for Companies and Freelancers

Website Sponsor: $100 per month

Display your header image at the top of our website on every page. contact us for details.

Email Sponsor: $20 per month

Get your icon and catchphrase displayed at the top of our email newsletter, which is sent weekly to over 1,400 active subscribers. Complimentary display on our website on our Community Sidebar.

Author Spotlights

Underground Certified authors are invited to submit their answers for a chance to have an interview featured on our magazine. Every Author Spotlight includes a Q&A as well as a a link to the author’s Underground Profile. Author Spotlights are…
– Published to our magazine
– Emailed to over 2,000 subscribers
– Mentioned on Facebook and Twitter 2x over the course of the week

We get more Spotlight submissions than we can publish, so there is a competitive selection process. Applying for a Spotlight is free, and we will ask for payment only if yours is selected. To start the process, you must first list an Author Profile and submit a book!

Social Media Blasts: $5 Per Blast

One Social Media Blast goes out to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. If you have any Underground Certified pages or profiles, you can submit a URL and text for us to send out to our followers. We highly suggest using this for specific events, sales or book releases. The option will appear on your Dashboard if you are eligible.

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