About Us: Mission and History

A Trusted Review Site for Indie Authors

Our Mission

We’re here to support Indie authors, plain and simple. Since the beginning, our goal has been to erase the boundaries between traditional and non-traditional publishing. It is with pride that we maintain a system in which an author can get reviewed and win the Novel of the Year without shelling out a penny. At Underground Book Reviews, we encourage authors to take risks, but we’re with them every step of the way. Underground Book Reviews is set up to be a literary community where authors can connect with each other and with service providers such as cover designers and freelance editors. Through both user recommendations and professional reviews, the diamonds in the rough are given a chance to shine. We are constantly looking for new ways to connect readers with outstanding indie writers – by promoting sales, writing reviews and examining every book that comes our way. Underground Book Reviews is here to embrace the indie community by bringing you the reckless creativity of independent authors, while promising a polished finish to rival the standards of traditional publishing.

Meet Our Mascot

Bookmole (bo͝ok-mōl) – noun, a person dedicated to reading independent, banned, rare, foreign and otherwise underground literature.


You know you’re a bookmole if…

You have stacks of books in your house, and any time someone comes over you try to get them interested in some obscure title.

You regularly go to author readings and events, but have yet to meet a ‘famous’ author.

You can spend hours in a dusty used bookstore down a back alley, but the lights in Barnes and Noble give you a headache.

You have 100 books on your Kindle by independent authors because you just can’t help yourself – those 99 cent sales get you every time.

Well, are you a bookmole?

If so, you’ll fit in just fine here. We believe our readers are a special kind of book lover. Not bookworms, but (you guessed it) bookmoles – voracious consumers of indie lit.

Design by Sammi Shupe.

Why We Love Independent Literature

When large companies produce art, they create polished masterpieces from tried-and-true formulas. When individuals create art on their own, it is more likely to be reckless and creative. Indie art often flops, but when it soars it redefines the norm. In short, ‘indie’ isn’t just a genre- it’s a movement. The film industry saw it change the face of Hollywood in the 1960’s. The music industry labeled it in the 1980’s during the heyday of Nirvana and The Smiths. And now, with the dawn of e-publishing, indie books are taking over the literary industry by force.

Our History

Underground Book Reviews began as a blog run by four writers in 2011. Like many other book bloggers, we were aspiring authors interested in reaching out to the indie community and creating a platform for our upcoming writing careers. Every Monday, we wrote a review. It was a simple formula, and we enjoyed the inspiration we gained from the authors we met in the process.
Then something strange happened. People began to flock to us, asking for reviews. So many people, we couldn’t keep up. We started publishing articles about the world of independent literature, and brought new reviewers and writers onboard to help manage our load and diversify our content. Before we knew it, we were forming an LLC, operating like a magazine, and looking for a way to upgrade in order to meet the demands of our new community.
In 2014 we discovered the magic of WordPress and dove into website development. With technical training from Asitemade4u, designs by ThisisThat and the input of our growing community, we crafted a website that allowed us to leave the constrictive blog template behind and branch out into the realms of cyberspace.
Our team of writers, reviewers and judges has grown substantially over the last few years, and we bring on more talented authors every day. But we know we can’t quit our day jobs. We’re in it for one reason: we’re passionate about indie lit. As writers ourselves, we understand the obstacles our that indie authors are facing. As avid readers, we are in search of books that make us want to stand on a rooftop and shout to the world. Together, we hope to curate a group of diverse writers and readers who share our passion for words.

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