The Underground Team

Co-Founders and Editors

Amy R. Biddle

Co-Founder, Managing Editor

Amy Biddle is co-founder and managing editor of Underground Book Reviews. Her debut novel, The Atheist’s Prayer, is a dark comedy about a fairy-worshiping suicide cult. She is most at home in the Blue Ridge Mountains or surrounded by the great blue sea.

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Brian L. Braden

Co-Founder, Editor, Creative Director

Brian is a husband, dad and semi-retired pilot. He lives a quiet life in a place he calls The Redneck Shire, where nothing exciting ever happens and adventures are frowned upon. He spends his free time pecking at the keyboard, trying to finish an epic fantasy series.

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Steve Wetherell - "At the Molehills of Madness"

2016 Columnist, Reviewer since 2015

Steven Wetherell knows the ups and downs of popular fiction as well as he knows the ins-and-outs of indie fiction. He's not one to mince words when it comes to comparing indie authors to their mainstream counterparts. With a wry sense of humor, Wetherell brings you the best (and worst) of both worlds.

Steve Wetherell is a humour writer from Northamptonshire England. He writes indie fiction with Deviant Dolls and has written for Maxim, Cracked and CBS Radio’s Man Cave Daily. You can also catch him on the Authors and Dragons podcast.


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Renee Miller - "Miller Time"

Columnist since 2015

Want to be a published author? It's a lot harder than it sounds! Renee Miller is here to prepare you for the ups and downs of the indie publishing industry with enough humor to keep you laughing through the hard times.

Renee Miller lives in Tweed, Ontario, a small town she vowed to run away from, only to realize there is no escaping. She’s been a waitress, a bartender, a gas station attendant, a social worker, a daycare provider, coffee-slinging drive-thru professional, an office administrator, and a freelance writer, but always had her heart set on writing fiction.

When she’s not burning dinner or waiting tables in a pizza joint, she dwells in a glamorous office/garage cuddled up with her laptop. She’s what folks like to call a “hybrid” author, having self-published three novels in the crime/suspense and romance genres, and recently signed with Crescent Moon Press to publish a series of paranormal novels featuring Greek gods.

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Lauren Faulkenberry - "The Indie Road"

2016 Columnist

In 2016 Lauren published her debut novel with an indie publisher, but seeing her book in print was just the beginning. This column documents everything that happens after—as she navigates the oh-so-steep learning curve.

Lauren is a novelist and book artist currently living in western NC. Her artist’s books are held in numerous collections in the US and worldwide. When she’s not working for the National Park Service, she’s teaching classes in letterpress printing, writing, and book arts. She began her writing career with a children’s book called WHAT DO ANIMALS DO ON THE WEEKEND? and has most recently published her first novel, BAYOU MY LOVE (Velvet Morning Press) as part of the Bayou series. Lauren is active on Twitter (@firebrandpress), Facebook, and her personal website.

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Amanda McSweeney

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Anita Lock

Reviewer since 2015

Anita is a woman of many hats: a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and a long-time educator with degrees in Music Education and Library Science.

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Reading Preference:

A book lover across all genres, my goal is to always use my skills to help educate others and provide tools to help others succeed in life.

Not accepting review requests

Candi Sary

Reviewer since 2013

Candi’s novel, Black Crow White Lie, was a semi-finalist in the 2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards.

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Chantelle Atkins

2016 Reviewer

Chantelle Atkins is a mother of four from Dorset, England. She is addicted to both music and books and is currently on a mission to become as self-sufficient as possible. She has self-published four novels and has just released her first short story collection. She writes for both the YA and adult genres. When she’s not writing books, she’s busy running her writing business Chasing Driftwood, which delivers creative writing clubs and workshops to local children and adults. She also writes regular articles about writing for Author’s Publish magazine, as well as short pieces for a local parenting magazine.


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Jessica Bettencourt

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Kim Kash

2016 Reviewer

Kim Kash is an American expat, dividing her time between Maryland and the Middle East. Which can be weird. She is a freelance writer and editor, and the author of two Jamie August mystery novels: Ocean City Lowdown and Ocean City Cover-up. Kim was inspired to set a fictional series in Ocean City while she was researching and writing her best-selling travel guide Ocean City: A Guide to Maryland’s Seaside Resort, a part of the Tourist Town series of guides to the best American vacation spots.

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Lynne Hinkey

Reviewer since 2012

Lynne is marine scientist by training, a writer by passion, and a curmudgeon by nature. She uses her experiences from years living in the Caribbean to infuse her stories with tropical magic, from the siren call of the islands to the terror and hysteria caused by the mysterious chupacabra. You can find out more at, on Facebook @MarinaMelee, or on Twitter @LMHinkey.

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Reading Preference:

As a reader and writer, I believe true magic happens when authors can find the ridiculous in the sublime and vice versa, and make us laugh about it. Douglas Adams, Christopher Moore, Terry Pratchett, and Tom Robbins---my favorite authors--excel at this.

Accepting review requests

Nada Qamber


Nada is an Editorial Designer, a Writer, and a Lifestyle Blogger over at Nada Más Que Amor. She exhibits passion and creativity in anything she creates, and aims to produce her work with love and determination. She’s a free-spirit who adores books, fashion, and the beauty of life.

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Reading Preference:

I adore romance from Historical Fiction to New Adult Contemporary.

Steve Wetherell

2016 Columnist, Reviewer since 2015

Steve Wetherell is a humour writer from Northamptonshire England. He writes indie fiction with Deviant Dolls and has written for Maxim, Cracked and CBS Radio’s Man Cave Daily. You can also catch him on the Authors and Dragons podcast.


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Reading Preference:

I enjoy pretty much anything in the fantasy genre-- Science-Fantasy, Horror-Fantasy, Comedy-Fantasy. If it deals with the fantastical, I will likely give it a shot. However, an unconventional twist to a genre will always pique my interest more than standard fare. Outside of genre fiction I gravitate toward the sardonic, the cynical, and the surreal.

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Tnae Wilcox

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Yvonne Lieblein

Reviewer since 2012

Yvonne Lieblein is a writer and creative producer who lives in the seaside village of Greenport, NY. Her debut novel with a songscape, The Wheelhouse Café, was published in December.

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2017 Novel of The Year Judging Panel

Corinna Underwood

2017 Judge

Corinna Underwood originates from England and now resides in Rome, Georgia. She is a published author with more than sixteen years of experience. Her features and short fiction have appeared in hundreds of publications worldwide. She is also the author of two non-fiction books, a teen novel and a collection of paranormal mystery stories. When she’s not writing she enjoys movies, reading and being outdoors.

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Reading Preference:

I have a fascination with folklore and legend and these elements along with themes of embodiment and the flexibility of it’s boundaries are often interwoven in my own fiction.

Jennifer Ellis

2017 Judge & 2014-2015 Reviewer

Jennifer is an environmental researcher by day, writer by night, and skier whenever she has a spare moment. She’s written two novels, A Pair of Docks (2013), and In the Shadows of the Mosquito Constellation (May 2014) with more on the way.

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Reading Preference:

I love well-written and insightful novels with an edge of humor, darkness and adventure, like Gone Girl or The Night Circus, but I also dabble in romances and serious literary fiction.

Kate Ashley

Kate is a female carbon-based life form in her late teens with a lifelong dedication of finding the One True Unicorn… or Unicorns, if there are many. She can be found blogging at Plethoric Thoughts.

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Reading Preference:

I like fiction in genres such as Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Historical and New Adult.

Majanka Verstraete

Majanka is twenty-five years old and she’s loved reading from the moment she finished her first book. She has a Master of Laws degree, and is studying for her Master of Criminology degree. She’s been blogging about books since 2010 is an official reviewer for ind’Tale Magazine.

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N. E. Lasater

Lasater was brought into the Underground fold after receiving a 5-star review on our old website. He is passionate about representing the dyslexic community in his writing.

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Nathan Schaaf

2017 Judge

Nathan Schaaf is finishing his undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska Omaha. In his spare time, he likes to partake in bad pop music and fine cheeses. He’ll never say no to a good bottle of wine. Nathan has been previously published in Huffington Post, Citizens for Decent Literature, The Eunoia Review, and The Feminist Wire.

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Nico Reznick

2017 Judge

Nico Reznick is a writer and spoken word performer of ambiguous immigrant extraction. Having spent her early life moving around various European countries as a ‘corporate army brat’, Nico now lives in Shakespeare country with her editor and two feline overlords.

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Verushka Byrow

2017 Judge

Verushka is a word nerd and a geek at heart. She’s got a neverending list of books to read and she loves it!

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Reading Preference:

Urban fantasy, crime and thrillers are my first picks, but I am trying to open myself up to new genres as well.

Additional Contributors

Stephen Sinclair

Web Developer Guru - training Amy since 2014

A WordPress developer and seasoned technology expert, Stephen codes efficient and secure websites that will grow with your business.

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Adam Galek

Graphic Designer since 2015

Adam Galek is our new designer. If you like our award logos, consider using his services!

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Future, Past & Guest Contributors

Jordan Rivet

2016 Novel of the Year Judge

Jordan Rivet is an American author living in Hong Kong. She writes post-apocalyptic adventures set at sea. Her novel, Seabound, was an Underground Top Pick in 2014.

Visit Jordan Rivet‘s website.

R. A. White

2016 Novel of the Year Judge & Occasional Reviewer

R. A. White is an occasional reviewer at Underground Book Reviews, a mom, a volunteer, and the author of The Kergulen Series. A determined optimist, she likes stories which reflect her belief that people can rise above their circumstances.

Visit R. A. White‘s website.

John Biscello

2016 Novel of the Year Judge

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, John Biscello has lived in Taos, NM for the past thirteen years. He is the author of the novel Broken Land, a Brooklyn Tale, and a collection of stories, Freeze Tag. Broken Land was named Underground Book Reviews’ 2014 Novel of the Year.

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Judith Kelly Quaempts

2016 Novel of the Year Judge

Judith Kelly Quaempts published her first novel, A Place Called Winter, in 2014. Her poetry, short fiction, and poetry reviews appear online and in print. A Place Called Winter was selected as a 2014 Top Pick at Underground Book Reviews.

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Richard Jones

Reviewer from 2013 - 2015

Richard is a freelance writer and editor with (unfortunately) decades of experience. The author of the traditionally published how-to book for new dads, A Dude’s Guide to Babies: The New Dad’s Playbook, he also enjoys writing genre-blending SF, fantasy, horror and humor stories and books. He blogs daily for A Dude’s Guide to. . . Everything, and frequently at Charlotte Parent’s Stay-At-Home Dudes.

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Genevieve Shifke Ali

Reviewer in 2014 & 2015

Genevieve is the managing editor of the religion subject list for an independent academic press. she fills her spare time with books, both reading and binding them, along with yoga, good food, and naps.

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Katie French


Katie French is an Amazon best-selling author in Young Adult dystopian romance. She works as a high school English teacher, a job that she loves even when it exhausts her. In her free time she writes manically, reads great books, and takes care of her two beautiful and crazy children. She aspires to spend as much time in yoga pants as possible. You can join her mailing list at and receive two free full-length novels. Contact her at

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