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The BETA Website

By submitting your book through our BETA website, you understand that you are a guinea pig, and are willing to deal with glitches, inconveniences, total loss of data and general website malfunctions. You also understand that (other than your review submission) all official business is still being conducted at www.undergroundbookreviews.COM. Book Pages and Profiles will remain on our BETA website (this one), and will become public (and searchable by Google) in 2016. All private information will remain secure.


At Underground Book Reviews we try our best to ensure honest, unbiased reviews. This requires cooperation from both authors and reviewers.

Reviewer guidelines:
-Reviews should have both positive and negative highlights
-Reviewers may not accept payment, gifts or favors from authors in exchange for reviews
-Reviewers may have no prior affiliation with the author of the book they review
-Reviewers are encouraged (but not required) to select Top Picks for review
-Reviewers may read a maximum of 1 book per author per year
-Reviewers may read a maximum of 1 book per publishing house per year
-Once a reviewer receives a review copy, he/she is obligated to complete the book and write the review

Author guidelines:
-Once an author submits a book for review, he/she cannot cancel or remove the review
-Authors may have no prior affiliation with their reviewer
-Authors may not be currently contributing to Underground Book Reviews

Authors who agree to have their books listed, featured or reviewed give Underground Book Reviews permission to use any images and content on their Amazon page and all other author/book pages available publicly online, and to paraphrase such content, so long as the purpose is to further the promotion or discussion of the book or Author in question. Once a book is reviewed, we reserve the right to continue to list it on our website. Negative reviews will not be removed.

General Writers Guidelines

At this time we can only provide a token payment of $10 per post (review, article or interview) for new writers, and we do our best to support our contributors by promoting them and their work. Most of our writers are invited personally, either through our own literary connections or because they are authors of highly rated books here at Underground Book Reviews. We look for writers who are active participants in the indie publishing world, and who produce quality work of their own. We accept occasional guest articles, but the bulk of our schedule is decided in advance, with regular reviewers and columnists. Benefits include 100% Karma coverage, complimentary “warm fuzzy” in this lifetime and the next, and a free Premium Subscription. If you are interested in writing for us, contact us and let us know if you’re interested in being a columnist or reviewer.

Read our complete Writer’s Guidelines.

Pitch Perfect Picks

Each week, up to five Pitch Perfect Picks are hand-selected by the editors at Underground Book Reviews. Reviewers are encouraged – but not required – to read Pitch Perfect Picks. The selection is based on the following criteria:
-Originality of pitch.
-Polished writing: Good grammar and tight sentences.
-Professional appearance of book and author on Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook and elsewhere in cyberspace.

Any book selected as a Pitch Perfect Pick is eligible to advertise as a Featured title. Such advertisements can be found on our blog Sidebar, select page headers and also on the top of the Pitch Perfect Page at www.undergroundbookreviews.COM.

Author Spotlights

Here at Underground Book Reviews, our goal is to promote as many quality indie authors as we can. Author Spotlights are our way of showing off some of the best and brightest in the indie writing world. Every Author Spotlight includes a Q&A as well as a cover image and a link to the author’s book. Only Underground Certified authors are eligible to apply.

*Please note: Due to a high volume of submissions, we cannot respond to every request. If you are selected, we will contact you.

If chosen, you will be charged $30 to feature your Author Spotlight
– Published to our magazine, which receives roughly 100 visitors per day
– Emailed to over 1,000 subscribers
– Mentioned on Facebook and Twitter 2x over the course of the week (over 1500 followers combined)


We advertise pre-approved literary-themed websites and businesses, as well as Top Pick books. Any author who wishes to advertise with us must first go through the review submission process.

All other ads on Underground Book Reviews are sponsored by Litbreaker, Google Adwords or the Amazon Afiliates program.

Underground Book Reviews is part of the Amazon Affiliate program, which means we receive a small commission on items purchased after clicking an Amazon link on our site. This affiliation does not keep us from writing honest, unbiased reviews.

Review Copies

We purchase all books and send them directly to our reviewers. We do not request review copies.

Book Giveaways

Underground Book Reviews no longer runs book giveaways. However, with the author’s permission, we will publicize giveaways that are happening on third party websites such as Goodreads or Amazon.


Our competitions are free to enter, and are intended to be a fun way for authors and readers to connect, nothing more. We ask all participating individuals to embrace the community atmosphere, and will not tolerate dishonesty or animosity. Individual rules for each competition will vary.

Rights, Copyrights and Third Party Distribution

The copyright of all content on Underground Book Reviews belongs to the individual author of each individual piece of work. All content is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws and cannot be reproduced in any way without written permission from the author.

Underground Book Reviews reserves the right to re-post articles, reviews and interviews in full or as excerpts on social networking sites and review sites such as Amazon, Facebook, Goodreads, Linkedin and Twitter.

Partial quotes and paraphrases may be used by third parties, as long as the author is credited and the quote is linked to the original article at Underground Book Reviews.

Any third party that wishes to republish content from Underground Book Reviews must contact us and ask permission.

Authors who agree to have their books listed, featured or reviewed give Underground Book Reviews permission to use any images and content available on their Amazon page and all other author/book pages available publicly online, and to paraphrase such content in order to represent their book within space limits.


If you want a refund, all you have to do is contact us and explain why our digital blood, sweat and tears isn’t worth your cyber-bucks.

Because we use PayPal for secure online payments, we have a window of 60 days from purchase for all refunds. After 60 days, we cannot refund your payment.

You can also request a refund directly through your PayPal account.

Content Liability

Underground Book Reviews is written by writers, for writers. As such, we will probably hold varied or opposing opinions, accidentally link to wrong (and possibly improper) websites, and most likely we’ll get a few facts wrong. Mistakes happen. Please contact us if you feel we have made a glaring mistake or misled our readers in any way.

Underground Book Reviews does not take credit for comments posted by third parties. We will delete comments with extreme profanity, extreme negativity, blatant self-advertising, repeat posts, anything that appears to be spam, or complaints. If you have a complaint about Underground Book Reviews, please contact us directly.

To cover all our bases: Underground Book Reviews makes no claims to accuracy, validity, competency, legitimacy, completeness, wholeness, oneness-with-the-universe, literacy, or any other claim that could get us in trouble. We are not liable for stupidity, injury, errors, omissions, child birth, natural disasters, bad reading choices, good reading choices, or lunacy. The opinions expressed on Underground Book Reviews belong to the individual author of each individual piece of work, not their employers, brothers, sisters, sons or daughters.

Privacy Policy

We will not distribute, publish, or otherwise publicize any private information about our users that is taken through third party applications such as Facebook or Google, or any private user information that has not been expressly published on the site for public consumption. In the event that Underground Book Reviews is sold, private login information of users will be included in order to maintin continuity of user profiles and access to the site.