Announcing the 2018 Novel of the Year!

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As always, choosing the Novel of the Year - Editor's Choice winner was an extremely tough endeavor. Out of over 300 book submissions and more than 52 reviews, eight books were ranked Top Picks. From there, 10 judges read at least 3 books each, ranking them against each other for the final award.

Judges included Amy Biddle, Brian Braden, Jack Burks and Amy Simoneau, Katie French, Sandra Rutton, Melody Delgado, Candi Sary, Chantelle Atkins, and Amanda McSweeny.

Meanwhile, our Reader's Choice award was opened to Pitch Perfect Picks - books that stood out based on the premise, first page and overall presentation, and the winner was selected by our social media followers - thus highlighting a notable book that was overlooked by our reviewers.


THE LAST DETECTIVE stood out as a novel that broke the chains of its genre. While detective novels and sci-fi novels have been done, THE LAST DETECTIVE tread the line between the two niches and also managed to hit home on a philisophical note. Complete with a surprise ending and a new take on a futuristic alien invasion, this is a book for lovers of detective novels, adventure novels, sci-fi novels and, well, just pick it up, will you? You won't regret it.


THE VATICAN CAMEOS was selected as a Pitch Perfect Pick and voted by our social media followers for the Reader's Choice award. It is "A Sherlock Holmes adventure that finds the great detective trying to solve a mystery created by Michelangelo, 400 years earlier." Author Richard T. Ryan is a graduate of medieval studies and a Sherlock Holmes aficionado; the perfect man to resurrect one of literature's favorite sleuths.


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