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This is currently a free opportunity with Infinite Pathways Press. Any of the options below are available to querying authors. My site does not tend to focus on Religion, Core Romance, Erotica, Graphic Horror, or Children’s Books below MG. This is a PG rated site and therefore all books to be queried on should reflect this preference.

Author Interview: This is a standard list of questions that you would complete if I have not read your book. Should I have the opportunity to read your book, many of these questions will be altered to better reflect the story and you as an author.

Author Spotlight: If you have done an interview in the past (or are not partial to answering 10+ questions about you and your work), I will do more of a bio approach coupled with a brief guest post to one main topic/idea I’d like your personal opinion on.

Book Spotlight: If you have done an Interview and/or an Author Spotlight with me but are looking for another avenue to publicize your latest book, this is the option for you. I will ask you to provide your book blurb/synopsis for this post as well as request that you complete a guest post of approx. 500 words based around your genre or a theme/character/concept in your book.

Book Review: While my TBR pile is always large, if you happen to query at just the right time with a book that I cannot help but read then I will dedicate my spare reading time over the course of approx. 1 month to reviewing your book. I will post my review on my website, Amazon, & Goodreads. However, I will not post a review that is less than 3 stars.

Guest Post: I offer guest post opportunities for

Writerly Rants -500-1000 words on a topic of your choice that you just need to get off your chest. It must be written using two or more persuasive writing techniques and be rated PG. This must be an original post.

Poetry – Up to 100 lines of an original poem with/or without a short author explanation.

Publicity Tip -Up to 600 words describing a publicity or marketing technique that has worked well for you. Please see the PUBLICITY tab on the website so that you don’t duplicate a previous post. However, you are more than welcome to elaborate on a previously posted idea/opportunity.

Fiction/Non-Fiction Friday -Provide an excerpt of a story, a piece of flash fiction, or segment from your non-fiction work to tease readers into learning more about your book/webpage. You will need to provide a blurb/synopsis for your work/website, a short author bio, and a profile picture.

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