Author Spotlight: Susan-Alia Terry

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If you had a writing motto what would it be?
Write what you want to read.

Where do you draw your inspiration?
It's all so random. Anything, from movies to books to conversations, will send my mind off on a tangent. The funniest thing about it is that the catalyst is never related to what I'm writing about!

What is one interesting fact about you?
When I was in high school, every morning before school I'd listen to a different KISS album. Starting with the debut record, each day I'd listen to a different one - in order - until I got to the current one, and then I'd start over.

Have you learned anything from the self publishing process and would you do anything differently next time?
Since this is my first novel, everything is new, and everything is a lesson. What I will do differently next time still remains to be seen.

What has been your most successful marketing strategy?
It's still too early to tell what will get me the most long-term success.

What is the best kept secret you have found in regard to indie publishing?
I'm very pleased with the comprehensive spreadsheet of promotional opportunities put together by Book Buddy. Before that resource, Google was my starting point - overwhelming to be sure! At least with the spreadsheet, the groundwork has been laid and I can then pick and choose what fits my criteria (and budget) while also planning ahead. I'm grateful I found it because it made the monumental task of promotion just a little bit easier.

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