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Aaron-Michael Hall is an American Speculative Fiction author (Epic Fantasy and Science Fantasy) from southern Illinois.

Since August 2015, she has written eight full-length novels and published four. Aaron-Michael refers to herself as an “accidental author.” She never intended to publish her first novel The Rise of Nazil. She wrote it for herself due to her inability to find the type of story she desired. As Toni Morrison said, “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” That is exactly what she did. The more people that she allowed to read the manuscript, the more she was prodded to publish it.

When Aaron-Michael is not interviewing indie authors on her Desu Beast Blog, being super mom, or managing her 9 to 5, she is interweaving genres and adding just the right edge to keep you turning pages. Her epic fantasy is filled with intriguing, diverse characters, new species, deities, and a language called Mehlonii that she created for her series. For a sample of the spoken Mehlonii language, please visit her website (https://aaronmichaelhall.com/mehlonii).

Since publishing The Rise of Nazil in 2015, she has released two more novels set in the same fantastical lands of Faélondul. They are presented as a trilogy, but The Rise of Nazil is a stand-alone novel. Seed of Scorn and Piercing the Darkness end the first trilogy and lead into the next (The Shifter).

At some point, Aaron-Michael found the time to write a shorter Science Fantasy Romance Duology (she is still not certain how). Rites of Heirdron is published under her pseudonym, Newland Moon (used exclusively for SciFan). The second novel in the duology releases later in 2017.

When asked why she wrote this series, Aaron-Michael simply said, “It needed to be written.”

Blood of Oisin is the first novel in The Shifter trilogy releasing in 2017.

It is her hope that the readers enjoy the wonders of Faélondul and Ahmezurhran even more than she enjoyed writing about them.

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