Author: J. Lynn Else

J. Lynn Else was born in Moose Lake, MN, and moved to Rochester in 4th grade. Around that time, she began writing stories and developed an interest in history when gifted the book “The Discovery of the Titanic: Exploring the Greatest of All Lost Ships” (which she still owns). Her creative writing also developed in part through having multiple pen pals in her school days (in the “time before email” times!).

Else’s love of history eventually moved to ancient times, especially to the people of ancient Egypt who for thousands of years thrived without the use of cars, internet, modern medicine, or phones. She additionally enjoys Biblical and Greek history.

Outside of reading voraciously and driving kids to multiple after-school activities, J. Lynn enjoys a perfectly steeped cup of hot tea while writing her next historically-based novel. She is also a reviewer for the Historical Novel Society. Her book, THE FORGOTTEN: ATEN’S LAST QUEEN was named an Indie Editor’s Choice book by the Historical Novel Society in 2016.  Her latest release THE FORGOTTEN: HEIR OF THE HERETIC is now available via and delves deeper into the story of Akhenaten and Nefertiti’s family.

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