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Lynette Hill is a lifelong nomad obsessed with fantasy, folklore and mythology. In between teasing her cat and drinking too much black coffee she travels around Britain and writes fantasy novels.

Halfnote’s Song and Octavia’s Journey, the first two books in her Glass Singers series, tell the stories of two sisters who create beautiful objects with the power of their voices. There is more to their art than the mere creation of baubles, however. The sisters struggle to make impossible choices between love and duty as they face plague, an insatiable monster and the plots of a distant queen.

These are stories involving strong, creative female protagonists learning to make their way in a complex, multi-cultural world.

Her Glass Singers series was inspired by the Tibetan throat-singing masters she encountered at the Smithsonian Museum’s 2002 Folklore Festival in Washington D.C.

Readers who like Kate Elliott’s Spiritwalker series, Robin Hobbs’ Liveship books or Octavia Butler’s Earthseed will enjoy this series as well.

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