Author: Mary Ellen Woods

I was born into a military family the likes of Lieutenant Dan, of Forrest Gump. Just about every male member of my family past and present has served in the U.S. military during conflicts from the American Revolution to Desert Storm.
My father was in the U.S. Air Force and so I grew up steeped in military tradition. Traveling across the U.S. as my father moved from one duty station to the next, we visited all the historic sites along the way. My mother was from Virginia, so I had an especially keen interest in the War Between the States.
I dreamed of attending the U.S. Naval Academy but was unable to realize that dream since I was born with a heart defect, so I became a high school social studies teacher and spent most of my career teaching U.S. History. My favorite course to teach was one I created, a specialized course in the study of the Civil War era.
A lifelong avid reader, my second love, my college minor, is literature. As a child, I was quite imaginative, making up stories about the historical figures whose biographies I read ravenously. I further developed the skill as a teacher, weaving history into interesting narratives to catch the attention of my students.
It seemed logical to combine my interests with my talents and write novels that feature military men and/or historical settings. I’m also a romantic, so my novels feature strong romantic elements as well as strong heroines. After all, everyone loves a story about a brave sexy hero in uniform winning the heart of a beautiful plucky heroine, no matter what era.

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