Editorial Awards

Editorial awards are given to books that have been read by at least one staff member, and have exceeded expectations for their genre.

Novel of the Year – Editor’s Choice

Our most esteemed award, the Novel of the Year, is agreed upon and assigned by a panel of judges. Top Picks are read by at least three judges, and ranked against each other according to writing style, originality, and professional appearance.

Novel of the Year – Readers’ Choice

In an effort to represent our readers, we put our Top Picks to the vote and let them choose our Readers’ Choice Novel of the Year.

Top Pick

Top Picks are 5-star books that exceed expectations and push boundaries. Reviewers can nominate any 5-star book they reviewed as a Top Pick, but the editorial staff has the final say on assigning this award.


Badges are selected based on pitch and popularity. Often, badge winners have not been read by Underground Staff, but they show great potential.

Popular by Vote
Any book that breaks through a pre-determined vote threshold wins our Popular by Vote badge. Current threshold: 100 votes.

Pitch Perfect Pick
Every week, we select up to five Pitch Perfect Finalists from our qualified submissions, based on quality of pitch and writing sample. We post these to Facebook and the Finalist with the most likes and shares wins the Pitch Perfect Pick badge.