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Every god has a nanoverse, but only one will give its wielder the ability to kick start the apocalypse. Ryan Smith must try to save humanity, even though he can’t save the world. A high octane battle between good and evil, where the best hope is a kinder, gentler Armageddon.

A young man experiences hallucinations throughout his life that are also seen by his loved ones, leading him to doggedly pursue the clues left in his path so that he may find out the answers.

The world changes for thirteen-year-old Kyle Stryker in a blaze of unnatural light as every piece of technology stops working. With his family, friends, and neighbors, they struggle to understand and wait for a rescue that never comes.

Add equal parts Ian Fleming and Carl Hiaasen. Shake (do not stir). Garnish with Douglas Adams, and you get You Only Live Once, a sexy, slapstick, razzle-dazzle re-imagining of Don Quixote as James Bond emerging from deep cover in a mental hospital to save the world.

Rick Collins participates in a virtual world populated by avatars controlled by participants at home computers all over the world. Online, he meets and romances an anonymous sexy woman who blackmails him into industrial espionage. Rick realizes his family is doomed unless he can identify Joan and her whereabouts soon.

Lehigh Carter never asked to be sheriff. And he sure never wanted to arrest his new father-in-law for murder.

Got wishes? Meet Jack Gilmour, Las Vegas’ first and only demonic contract lawyer, protecting people against themselves from offers they can’t refuse.

Who are you when everything you thought you knew was a lie? Is Stacy the woman she knows herself to be, raised by loving and kind parents? Or is she hiding within a shell she built to protect herself from her own terrible past? Will her search for answers destroy her life as she knows it today?

A parallel, invisible word has intersected with the Earth, threatening to tear it apart. Can Mia Green save the world before it tears her apart too?

An IED explosion in Iraq left Freddie’s mind and body shattered. Once a skilled gamer and capable soldier, he’s now a broken warrior, emerging from a medically induced coma to discover he’s inhabiting two separate realities. Is he Lieutenant Freddie Williams, a leader of men, or Frederick, Prince of Stormwind?