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Every week, our reviewers nominate less than 10% of our submissions for the Pitch Perfect Pick award. These are new submissions that appear to have high potential. We take into account more than just the blurb, and often read a few sample pages before nominating a book. Professional quality covers, original concepts, Amazon reviews, and records of extensive editing are necessary. Those nominations are then opened up to votes. Whichever book receives the most votes in the first week is awarded the Pitch Perfect Pick award.

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A clueless conman, a stubborn succubus, and an evil god who won’t shut up. It turns out living nightmares almost never appreciate a good joke.

Anyone who likes magical realism in the vein of Neil Gaiman or Christopher Moore will love this well-written, fast-paced adventure loaded with humor. Hero Forged has a little bit of something for everyone–action, adventure, comedy, tragedy, gods, and monsters, and even some romance. Readers looking for a neatly categorized tale with a straightforward, predictable plot might find this fast-paced, imaginative adventure uncomfortable, but the writing and fun plot could even pull them in.

Review by Hero Forged

Pitch Perfect Pick

Two schools: One of magic and science, the other focused on military excellence. A dangerous undercurrent flows within both…dark and deadly. Do you have what it takes to be a Warden?

Pitch Perfect Pick

Ellis Mazer is a soon-to-be father and first-year English teacher in a small Arkansas town dealing with the disappearance of a little girl from her mobile home. But when one of his own students stops coming to school, Ellis discovers that he may be the only person who cares.

Considered for Review

The apocalypse arrived as a quiet virus that put humanity’s future in jeopardy. Now musician Ed Johnson is stalked by strangers, and nightmare creatures threaten his sister and friends. Can magic and the true power of music save them and perhaps the future of the human race?

Pitch Perfect Pick

Like Michael Crichton and Andrew Mayne? Then you’ll love this fast-paced technothriller, featuring excellent reviews and what one reader called “a heroine who is whip smart, irreverent, and unfailingly brave; spot on research; crisp dialogue…and plenty of cliffhangers…”

Pitch Perfect Pick

Following a family tragedy, eighteen-year-old Gabe LoScuda finds himself thrust into the role of caregiver for his ailing grandfather. If there’s a chance of preserving the final shreds of Grandpa’s dignity, Gabe may have to make the most gut-wrenching decision of his life—and there’s no way out.

Pitch Perfect Pick

Ted Bundy was never apprehended and is running for president. Jim, a contestant on a game show which has contestants competitively predicting the future by reading animal entrails, finds omen foretelling Bundy’s victory. As details of Bundy’s murderous past are uncovered, Jim decides to stop his ascent to power.

The Book of Ralph is an uncanny adventure that uses humor, philosophy, and an alien invasion to explore the down to Earth concept of humility.

The Book of Ralph is an exceptionally humorous and thought-provoking novel, and its blurb certainly delivered and more. Its comedic elements are wonderfully unexpected, much like the crimson message that geared this whole story to start.

Review by Kate Ashley

Pitch Perfect Pick

It’s 2096, and the most famous woman in the United American State, Marlowe Kana, has just been convicted of treason. The country watches with bated breath as Kana, a “United America’s Next Top Soldier” Hall-of-Famer, launches on an epic revenge campaign which glues every citizen to the Feeds 24/7!

Pitch Perfect Pick

THE UNRAVELING OF BRENDAN MEEKS is a first-person glimpse into the mind of a young man with schizophrenia as he deals with tragic loss. The result is a unique and unforgettable mystery clouded with hallucinations and fraught by paranoia.