Awards: Pitch Perfect Pick

Every week, our reviewers nominate less than 10% of our submissions for the Pitch Perfect Pick award. These are new submissions that appear to have high potential. We take into account more than just the blurb, and often read a few sample pages before nominating a book. Professional quality covers, original concepts, Amazon reviews, and records of extensive editing are necessary. Those nominations are then opened up to votes. Whichever book receives the most votes in the first week is awarded the Pitch Perfect Pick award.

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Jud Widing
Votes: 6 Scheduled for Review on March 13, 2017
Love, Language, And A Girl Struggling With Both

James V. Viscosi
Votes: 34 Scheduled for Review on May 29, 2017
Choose your character wisely.

Preston Fassel
Votes: 5 Pitch Perfect Pick
“A mind blowing nightmare”- Hannah Neurotica, WiHM

J. Lynn Else
Votes: 5 Scheduled for Review on May 22, 2017
Discover the adventure of one woman's lifetime.

JA Pipes
Votes: 1 Pitch Perfect Pick
Overthrowing the government ain't cheap

Shayne Silvers
Votes: 33 Pitch Perfect Pick
Cow-tip the Minotaur.

Adrian Baldwin
Votes: 4 Scheduled for Review on March 27, 2017
Dark Comedy that’s part Vonnegut part Monty Python

C. McGee
Votes: 6 Pitch Perfect Pick
It’s what’s inside that counts … or maybe that’s bullshit?

Loretta Marion
Votes: 1 Reviewer Rating: 2.5 Stars
A Twisty Tale of Mystery, Suspense & Romance
“The Fool’s Truth” will appeal to fans of suspenseful thrillers with multiple layered story lines, so long as they are not too discerning when it comes to the nuances of the writing style, the depth of the characterizations, or the contrivances of the plot.
Review by The Fool’s Truth

Mike Rutledge
Votes: 2 Pitch Perfect Pick
Part fantasy, part steampunk, and all airships.