Awards: Pitch Perfect Pick

Every week, our reviewers nominate less than 10% of our submissions for the Pitch Perfect Pick award. These are new submissions that appear to have high potential. We take into account more than just the blurb, and often read a few sample pages before nominating a book. Professional quality covers, original concepts, Amazon reviews, and records of extensive editing are necessary. Those nominations are then opened up to votes. Whichever book receives the most votes in the first week is awarded the Pitch Perfect Pick award.

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David K. Hulegaard
Votes: 1 Pitch Perfect Pick
A noir mystery with a sci-fi twist.

Brandon Davis Jennings
Votes: 2 Pitch Perfect Pick
Can a former terrorist help a bullied boy from becoming a terrorist himself?

Brett Armstrong
Votes: 4 Pitch Perfect Pick
Eluding authorities, one teen holds history’s key.

Margaret Dardess
Votes: 6 Pitch Perfect Pick
Sometimes the most innocent and ordinary places hide the most terrible secrets

Renee Topper
Votes: 8 Scheduled for Review on September 18, 2017
You can't kill a ghost.

Brandon Zenner
Votes: 2 Scheduled for Review on
Two years have passed since humankind faced extinction.

Richard David Bach
Votes: 7 Pitch Perfect Pick
Luxury cruises with murder for revenge and for fun

Paul E. Horsman
Votes: 1 Pitch Perfect Pick
Grand fantasy with wyrms, steamships and magic!

Nicole Schubert
Votes: 1 Reviewer Rating: 2.5 Stars
The second Francie met Chet, her poetic memory danced.
Music, tennis, teenagers and their families. This book is for those who like reading a little bit of all of these. And if you like reading a book about human connections, give this book a try.
Review by Blues Harp Green

Mark Taylor
Votes: 2 Pitch Perfect Pick
What if you didn’t know what was real…?