A Curiosity of the Solar System

March 17, 2017
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Edited by Lesley Jones
Cover design by Richard Morgan
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Author’s Summary

“Delightful mixture of the 1850s, spaceflight and Empire.” –  5 Stars, Mandy Parmenter, book blogger.

Set in 1851, A Curiosity of the Solar System follows the adventures of Captain Ivor Hooke, an affable but rather undistinguished officer in the British army who has been sent on a mission of diplomacy to one of the farthest flung corners of the British Empire.

Ivor is soon hurled in to a world of rebellious intrigue that sees him plotting his escape from a city suspended above the clouds while being pursued by the ruthlessly piratical Jebediah Craven. Throughout the course of his journey Ivor will encounter a curious collection of characters, contraptions and conspiracies while also embarking upon his own peculiar voyage of self-discovery as he attempts to reignite a romance with a long lost love.


Short Description

A pacey romp through a peculiarly technologically advanced Victorian society. A naïve but affable officer in the British Army finds himself embroiled in an epic conspiracy that spans the entire solar system, encountering a cast of amusing, terrifying and downright infuriating characters as he does so.


Like Sharpe in space, or Victorian-era Red Dwarf

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