A Dusky Messenger (Seeking Mana – Tome 1)

A Dusky Messenger (Seeking Mana – Tome 1)

April 21, 2016
GenreAction/Adventure, Coming of Age, Drama, Fantasy, Magical Realism
Audience Adult
Format Book Length Manuscript, Compilation/Collection
Type General Fiction, Historic Fiction, Myth Based
Word Count 40-60k (short)

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Cover design by with Bea Ghalper
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Author’s Summary

What if the vision of a red comet was but a sign for the future arrival, in the Fiji islands, of gun fire and redheads, such as the troubled teenager Peter Dillon, struggling with his identity in an unpoverished Ireland?

In 1799’s India, a British soldier, George Wilson, is shot at the battle of Seringapatam … a war-weary Scottish comrade-in-arms of his, Anthony Burnside, along with Ganesh, a small Indian boy, will start a journey across the ocean aboard the Earl Abergavenny, a ship of the British East India Company bound for Canton, a place filled with prospects of a bigger world and thrilling adventures.

Down in the South Seas, in the shire of Sasa on Vhanua Levu, 16-years-old Vhasemada is experiencing silent talks and visions of an imminent danger coming from outside. Supported by her step-brother and only friend Na’ngarase, the Great Earl’s son, she will need to make tough decisions to increase her mana and gain freedom for herself in a traditional and violent society.

Built on several years of historical research, A DUSKY MESSENGER is an introduction to the complex interdependent world History of the early 19th century. The story follows the interwoven fates of historical and fictional characters, dynamically hopping from one story line to another and drawing a magical realism perspective to portray ancient cultures of the South Pacific. The story will appeal to readers of historical fiction and fantasy – and to anyone who loves adventure, travel and epic saga.

Short Description

Delve into the early 19th century’s world and accompany the journeys of several historical and fictional characters, whose fates are to converge towards the Fiji islands, while the world is shaken by Napoleonic wars, struggles for independences, global trade, anti-slavery movements and clashes of civillisations.


When all waves led to the South Seas.

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