A Well-Respected Man

A Novel
April 5, 2018
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Audience Adult
Word Count 40-60k (short)

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Edited by Lisa Mottola
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Author’s Summary

Chicago professor Martin Gregory is the author of a critically acclaimed novel of love and longing, a cult favorite among women. The book brings him unexpected status and prestige, but also unwelcome fame. A love affair with one of his students derails his career and breaks his heart. Coming to terms with a life knocked off balance, Martin retreats to a quiet English village, only to be confronted at his flat by a mystery woman with an unexpected message and an implausible request, one that could alter his life forever. A cross-country train trip, a visit to his father’s grave, and a re-examination of a deep loss will eventually reveal either Martin’s greatest character or unearth his most heartbreaking flaw. A Well-Respected Man is about the hard choices we make to find fulfillment, and the search to discover meaning in both the life we choose and the one thrust upon us.

Short Description

An unexpected message and an implausible request, sends writer Martin Gregory on a journey that will reveal his greatest character or unearth his most heartbreaking flaw. What would you do with someone’s dying request?


A story of love, loss, and one's final request.

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