Blind Tribute

July 28, 2017
Votes: 1
Audience Adult
Word Count 180-200k (extremely long)

Editing, Production, Marketing & Sales

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Author’s Summary

As America marches toward the Civil War, Harry Wentworth, gentleman of distinction and journalist of renown, finds his calls for peaceful resolution have fallen on deaf—nay, hostile—ears. As such, he must finally resolve his own moral quandary: comment on the war from his influential—and safe—position in Northern Society, or make a news story and a target of himself South of the Mason-Dixon Line, in a city haunted by a life he has long since left behind?

The day-to-day struggle against countervailing forces, his personal and professional tragedies on both sides of the conflict, and the elegant and emotive writings that define him, all serve to illuminate the trials of this newsman’s crusade, irreparably altering his mind, his body, his spirit, and his purpose as an honorable man. Blind Tribute exposes the shifting stones of the moral high ground as Harry’s family and friendships, North and South, are shattered by his acts of conscience.

Short Description

Every newspaper editor owes tribute to the devil… Harry Wentworth’s bill just came due.


Every newspaper editor owes tribute to the devil…

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Awards and Notable Endorsements

BGS Gold Quality Mark

BooksGoSocial Quality Mark for indie publishers.

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The B.R.A.G. Medallion is a quality award for indie books.

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Community Endorsements

"Ms Christie has written a book that I will never forget. It has touched my heart, my soul, my intellect, not something I experience all that often. Blind Tribute is, quite simply, the best book I have read this year."
--Anna Belfrage

Shortlisted for Book of the Month

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