Fatal Fables
May 7, 2018
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Author’s Summary

Welcome to Aesop’s World, a world of allegory and violence.

It’s a dark world where love and redemption have a cost that can only be measured in blood and violence. It’s just like your own Earth, except darker… furrier… scalier. There are no humans. If there were ever humans, they are just the myths now of strange religions and cultures.

The place to be is New Amsterdam, where its five boroughs form a familiar cityscape in the Independent and United States of America. Every race, every species co-mingle here with a tolerant surface of live and let live. At least, until you cross the wrong person. Rubbing someone’s fur the wrong way might get you killed.

In these six stories, you’ll explore different stories of love and violence across different decades of alternate furry history.

  • Prohibition: The world is full of conspiracies, syndicates, and crackpot cults. Cops have to be tough. Shepard is as hard headed and as hard-hearted as they come. He has just one soft spot, an impossible love for Lynne Black. When Lynne calls to say her youngest boy was kidnapped, he drops everything to get the boy back. The boy that should have been his.
  • PostWar: Brooklyn Blackie was scarred by the things he saw in the war, including the death camps of Reptiles. It haunts him and he buries that pain in sex and violence with both genders of any species willing to lift a tail for him. He’s bisexual in a time when it doesn’t even have a name… and he’s not even a very good detective, but he’s never let that stop him before.
  • The Outrageous Eighties: Rap stars like St. George and Dr. Ice, are beginning to make millions in record deals… and, if they don’t kill each other, it might be the start of a new dynasty.

Short Description

Welcome to Aesop’s World. It’s a dark world where love and redemption have a cost that can only be measured in blood and violence. It’s just like our own world, except darker… furrier… scalier. FURRY NOIR. Six stories of things that go BITE in the night.


6 Furry Noir Stories set in Aesop's World: Rated R

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