Even Gods Have Midlife Crises

December 6, 2017
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Edited by Shaan Gill
Cover design by Ben Menges
Formatted by Shaan Gill
Published Through Amazon Createspace – KDP
Distributed by Amazon
Additional services through Alliance of Independent Authors
Pitch Perfect Finalist

Author’s Summary

Divinity comes with a lot of peculiarities. Eternal life, unbridled powers, and, more than anything, the soul-crushing knowledge that intergalactic law prohibits you from using them anymore.


After more than two thousand years of rotting in the pantheon and listening to Thor, Odin and Hephaestus brawl over the size of their tools, Yahweh snaps. No more of the other gods’ petty quarrels. No more of Buddha’s smacking lips, and his mouthful of pastries and poetry. No more of Krishna’s blues. Yahweh returns to Earth – as an illegal alien.

All he wants is a striptease, a spicy BLT, and some goddamned admiration. But when his divine colleagues catch wind of his debaucherous voyage back to Earth, he’s faced with some tough questions. How long can he risk the safety of not only his two newly-found followers, but of all of London in his manic quest for pleasure? Are crisps currency of the future? And why is everyone and their bloody grandmother trying to sue him all of a sudden?


Never before have gods seemed so utterly human.


Even Gods Have Midlife Crises is a divinely satirical cross of science fiction, urban fantasy and what it means to live in a society brought to questionable technological perfection.

Short Description

Human mythology meets alien technology in this science fiction satire. After Yahweh illegally returns to London, can the Gods overcome their petty delusions and avert catastrophe?


A divine scifi satire of debaucherous proportions.

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