Finding You (Conclusion of Agony of Being Me)

Young Adult Romance
June 18, 2016
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Author’s Summary

Zoe has come of age. Her body survived a brutal attack but her soul has yet to recover. Deeply embedded emotional scars have changed the course of her life, influencing the once levelheaded girl’s future. Haunted by loss and tragic memories, she struggles to fight her way through an urban high school so different from the suburban haven in which she grew up. Zoe is quickly transformed from innocent to seasoned, softhearted to hard-headed, discarding her dreams of law school to join a rock band.

Short Description

Zoe Channing, the girl everyone loves. Everyone but Zoe, the teen with buried secrets threatening her soul. Music is her salvation, art is Jesse’s. He vents with a paintbrush while she tours with a rock band. Can she live through the aftermath of tragedy? Will a song bring him home?


Music, art, running from life and Finding You.

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Valentine does it again. I read both books Agony and Finding You. Compelling simply brilliant

– posted by Danni Williams    
Finding You..

Bravo.. A brilliant writer.. Loved this..

– posted by Sue Miller    
Finding You

Brilliant! Could not put it down!

– posted by Shirley Brandie    

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