Flying Toasters

A Short Story Compendium by DeadPixel Authors
October 29, 2013
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Editing, Production, Marketing & Sales

Workshopped with DeadPixel Publications
Cover design by John Gregory Hancock
Published Through Amazon Createspace – KDP
Underground Title

Author’s Summary

FLYING TOASTERS – THE DEADPIXEL TALES is a collection of engaging short stories that range from gritty to haunting. Thought-provoking to ridiculous. The authors of DeadPixel Publications craft tales that will appeal to all readers through solid storytelling, crossing genre lines, and focusing on brilliant characters and twisted plots.

In THE MAN UPSTAIRS, Hanna Elizabeth cooks up a ghost story flavored with dashes of wit, humor, and a generous spoonful of old fashioned revenge.

The Wild West is given a supernatural face in THE CAVE, as Brian L. Braden crafts a beautiful, subtly creepy tale steeped in mystery, courage, and death.

Robert Brumm takes on immortality in MY DEAD FRIEND NANCY, reminding us to be careful what we wish for.

In THE LIGHTGIVER, Thomas Cardin takes us into an intriguing world where a slave’s escape from sinister overlords begins a descent into darkness that reveals his own inner light.

ALTITUDE SICKNESS by C.M. Saunders is a white-knuckle account of fate and revenge at 35,000 feet.

In PRISM, John Gregory Hancock introduces a reluctant fantasy hero who is forced into mystery and adventure.

And finally, in THE BALLAD OF AZRON BEZRON, Steven Wetherell shares a witty tale about a thief grudgingly sent on a hero’s quest.

Short Description

A collection of engaging short stories that range from gritty to haunting, thought-provoking to ridiculous.


Tales from gritty to haunting, thought-provoking to ridiculous.

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