Knock Knock

Casey Holland mysteries #5
November 8, 2017
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Audience Adult, Young Adult
Word Count 60-80k (average/short)

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Author’s Summary

Vancouver senior citizens are under siege. Several have endured violent home invasions in the city’s Kerrisdale area. When the latest attack kills Elsie Englehart, transit security officer Casey Holland believes she’s failed Elsie horribly. The home invasion gang’s been targeting elderly bus riders, and Casey’s security team has been working undercover to protect those most at risk.

Days later, Casey sees elderly Harold Knox drop a wad of cash in a public place, and escorts him home. As she and Harold enter his condo, a thug in ski mask attacks Harold, demanding cash. It’s fight or flight. But fleeing is impossible, so Casey fights with everything she has. She wakes up in a hospital, badly injured. Harold is in critical condition.

Forced to stay a medical leave, Casey is frustrated and demoralized. Adding to her feeling of helplessness, Casey and Lou’s wedding is only weeks away. Her future mother-in-law has taken over preparation plans and wants to go ahead with their big day, but Lou is beginning to have doubts.

Longing to regain control of her professional and personal life, Casey battles with family and her boss to get back on track. A third attack on a senior, and a rumor that one of their own team members might be working with the gang, propels her to take action, quietly and discreetly. The stakes grow higher, as Casey is determined to keep anyone else from dying.

Short Description

When a home invasion kills Elsie Englehart, security officer Casey Holland is devastated. To protect others, Casey escorts an elderly man home, but is suddenly attacked. Healing from her injuries, Casey struggles to regain control of her life, despite interference from colleagues and family, and the threat of more violence.


Deadly home invasions are terrorizing a city.

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