Marlowe Kana

(Book 1 Volume 1)
May 20, 2017
Votes: 1
Format Novella
Word Count 20-40k (very short)

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Edited by Rowena Yow
Cover design by Meghan Hetrick
Formatted by Smashwords
Published Through Amazon Createspace – KDP
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Pitch Perfect Finalist

Author’s Summary

It’s 51 years after the Second American Civil War. The 40 million citizens of the United American State are aghast to find that their biggest celebrity, Major Marlowe Kana of the Imagen Military and Security Division (MilSec), has just been found guilty of treason. Every Feed on the Net has been covering the events of her trial, and two questions remain to be answered: What will happen to MK, and what will the nation watch now that the Next Top Soldier Hall-of-Famer (and star of the most-watched Feed in history) is locked away? The answer comes almost immediately and shakes the country to its core.

Short Description

It’s 2096, and the most famous woman in the United American State, Marlowe Kana, has just been convicted of treason. The country watches with bated breath as Kana, a “United America’s Next Top Soldier” Hall-of-Famer, launches on an epic revenge campaign which glues every citizen to the Feeds 24/7!



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