my life as a country album

April 18, 2017
Votes: 5
Audience New Adult
Word Count 100-120k (average/long)

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Pitch Perfect Finalist

Author’s Summary

2017 Independent Author Network Young Adult Book of the year

“Loving you was a race I was determined to win.”

Tomboy Cam Swayne is determined that football hero Jake keep his eyes firmly on her. After all, she’s been his since before she was born. Even Mama admits that Jake willed her into existence. Cam doesn’t plan on stopping until he’s hers in every way. Even though he’s three years older than her and often on adventures that she’s too young for, she finds ways to force him to see her. And he does. Because Jake won’t admit it to anyone, but he’s only whole when the girl next door is by his side. But, the downside is that Cam has never wanted anything for herself more than Jake. He’s been her whole world. So what happens when that world comes crashing down?

Inspired by Taylor Swift songs, this is a story of aching love and loss and learning to live through life in all its pain and glory.

Short Description

Born to be his, tomboy Cam grows up as football hero Jake’s shadow while they save each other in miraculous ways and find a love that is the essence of country songs in this coming of age story about learning to survive love, loss, and life.


Loving you was a race I was determined to win.

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Community Endorsements

The BookLife Prize has this to say about my life as a country album
Plot: Evans's coming of age novel is fast-paced, stirring, and leaves the reader engaged and eager for more.
Prose: This book is beautifully written and a pleasure to read.
Originality: While the novel tells a familiar story, the details and characters make for a fresh and original tale.
Character Development: The main two characters, Jake and Cam, are well developed throughout the novel. Both of their struggles feel real—and readers will be engaged by their story.
Blurb: In this tragic love story you will root for Jake and Cam, while reaching for your Kleenex.

– posted by ljevansbooks    

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