September 5, 2017
GenreComing of Age, Contemporary, Humor, Spiritual
Audience Children, Middle Grade
Format Book Length Manuscript
Type Reality Based
Word Count 40-60k (short)

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Published Through Clean Reads

Author’s Summary

Twelve-year-old J.Lo wannabe, Daisy De La Cruz, attends an arts magnet in Miami. When her beloved music teacher leaves, she is replaced by a stuffy new music professor, Romeo Nigel Magoon, from Scotland. Chaos ensues as Daisy tries to impress him with her singing skills, but she is thwarted from gaining his respect by her loud mouthed little sister, her pesky dog and her brainiac father. Will she ever be able to impress him so he can help her receive national attention and get great gigs and fulfill her career dreams of being the next big diva?

Short Description

A young diva wanna-be seeks to impress her music professor so he can help her fulfill her dreams of becoming the next Jennifer Lopez.


A young singer longs to be a star

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