Padma and the Elephant Sutra

April 3, 2017
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Cover design by Francesca Lindsay-White
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Author’s Summary

In the ancient parable, ‘six blind men and an elephant’, each man tries to comprehend the creature by feeling a different part of its body. They all incorrectly conclude what the creature is, based on each partial, individual human experience. Padma and the Elephant Sutra invites readers to imagine the elephant’s perspective in the parable. It reveals a world far older and more mysterious than humans have ever comprehended.

It is 1830 somewhere in Ceylon…

Yoked to a microscopic, double-stranded serpent, humans sing an alien song. They are an unmelodious breed, rampaging through paradise. While elephant clans gather to discuss an uncertain future, a mysterious young elephant is discovered in the river of gems, raised from the roots of the trees. Perhaps she can fulfil the ancient covenant and cure the humans of their curse. Padma, nature’s unlikely champion of hope is tasked to find and help a stranded alien return home.

Lost and alone, she meets George, an old coffee planter, and one-time drummer in the service of an empire. Half-dead, haunted and damned, he seeks the wellspring of knowledge, in search of the Otherworld and for a death he has long desired.

Together they travel across the island, to the seas of the moon, and back in time, to ancient cities and temples. They meet remarkable elephants and listen to their tall tales of the deeds of their forebears. But is a dangerous place for elephant and human alike as they encounter superstition and faith, jealousy and greed. The forests burn and empires clash, as Padma and George discover their fate.

Follow them on a surreal trip across the island, to uncover the secrets of a long-forgotten lore, to a destiny never imagined.

Short Description

The sky is full of elephants. Hares live on the moon. A paradise threatened by an alien being, and a promise to help it home. Only then will harmony be restored, and the human song renewed. Custodians of earth must not fail in their task, else all will be consumed.


Elephants, empires, and alien design. Can Padma save paradise in time?

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Community Endorsements

Elegant and beautiful, with lovely descriptions, and vast in history, Padma and the Elephant Sutra is a unique read that's hard to put down. Definitely a must-read! - Readers' Favorite

– posted by W L Snowden    
Editorial capsule review

"Escape into a vivid, enthralling adventure in this unique retelling of a Promethean myth by a talented new author.
Snowden skillfully crafts an engaging story with an interesting, layered plot, a richly nuanced world, and a cast of unique characters.
This magical story is sure to delight readers!
A noteworthy book." - NY Literary Magazine

– posted by W L Snowden    
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