Poison Heartbeats

Audience Adult
Word Count 80-100k (average)

Editing, Production, Marketing & Sales

Author’s Summary

Poison Heartbeats is a love story, a war-torn romance, written like a thriller. It follows the life of a girl born in Afghanistan during the Russian occupation, before the fall of the Berlin Wall. The girl becomes a U.S. citizen because a CIA operative brings her to America and adopts her. She becomes Holly Smolkes, a beautiful but seriously flawed woman. She falls in love with the director of Homeland Security’s “Poison Well” unit, a group designed to stop terrorists who want to poison the water supply of the United States. Holly Smolkes has a twin brother, left behind in Afghanistan when she was eight years old. He has become a leader of the terrorists. This book was the winner of the Thriller category at the Next Generation Book Awards at the Harvard Club in New York City. It has an IndieBRAG Medallion and Awesome Indies approval.

Short Description

Poison Heartbeats has been called one of the best books ever written about terrorism. Read nail-biting fiction by a newsman nominated twice for a Pulitzer and a former editor of the Reader’s Digest. He uses humor and the quick, sharp punch of journalistic truth.


A terrorism love story written like a thriller.

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