The Misadventures of Max Bowman, Book 3
March 9, 2017
Votes: 1
Audience Adult
Word Count 100-120k (average/long)

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Edited by Lisa Canfield
Cover design by A.J. Canfield
Scheduled for Review on July 2, 2018

Author’s Summary

Max Bowman has female problems. Specifically, three beautiful, rich daughters of three powerful and influential men–all of them with their own secret agendas. Unfortunately, Max doesn’t know which one to trust or which way to turn, because a vicious killer is hot on his heels. And the most perplexing thing about this psychopath is that he isn’t after Max himself–but everyone he knows and loves.

From New York City to Miami, from Washington D.C. to Sedona, Arizona, Max is on the run. And that’s not easy when you have two broken toes.

Short Description

RED EARTH is ground zero for Max Bowman – as he uncovers a shocking secret that will rock his world forever—forcing him to cross an unthinkable line.


3 women. 2 broken toes. 1 vicious psychopath.

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Awards and Notable Endorsements

Honors exceptional ebooks, given by the IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association)

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