Sirocco, Storm over Land and Sea

Legends of the Winged Scarab - Book 2
August 15, 2012
GenreAction/Adventure, Suspense, Thriller
Audience Adult
Word Count 80-100k (average)

Editing, Production, Marketing & Sales

Workshopped with Beta Readers
Edited by C. Daniel Waltz (Beta Reader — USD English Degree)
Cover design by Diana Wilder
Formatted by Self
Published Through Amazon Createspace – KDP
Marketed by BookGorilla
Distributed by Amazon

Author’s Summary

Trouble brews when Morsi-followers storm into Jabari El-Masri’s Cairo Museum lab and find two undocumented tablets ready for shipment to a secretive private buyer. Desperate, El-Masri insists they are slated for a Boston Museum exhibit. As the black unguent has to be removed first, Boston Egyptologist Naunet Klein is asked to assist in cleaning and deciphering these golden tablets on site in Cairo.

She never dreamed to fall for the charms of a shadowy handsome stranger. Nor had she and her two Boston colleagues expected to be embroiled in Egypt’s political upheaval, as well as an audacious theft which culminates in her being kidnapped. But a thousand pounds of gold bring out the worst in those who deal in illicit ancient treasures.

During a perilous sailing trip from the Red Sea to Crete, Naunet deciphers the two tablets. The inscriptions are dire predictions from an unknown culture predating even Egypt’s Old Kingdom. She also learns the truth about her murderous captors.

Meanwhile, her scientist colleague Jonathan Wilkins scours the Mediterranean for her whereabouts. Will the man who loves her be in time before Naunet’s hour-glass of life runs dry?

Short Description

Cairo Museum director Jabari El-Masri is in trouble with Morsi-followers. He asks for help from Boston Egyptologist Naunet Klein, thereby sending her on a perilous journey through Egypt and the Mediterranean. Will the man who loves her be in time to save her?


From a reviewer: “Indiana Jones meets Dead Calm.”

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