Songs From Richmond Avenue

November 3, 2016
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Audience Adult
Word Count 60-80k (average/short)

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Author’s Summary

“Songs From Richmond Avenue” by Michael Reed offers an off-kilter, satirical take on big-city misfits, the bars they frequent and the occasional, albeit, misguided quest for something better.

For the blurry-eyed denizens of the Relix Club and our narrator, a serially employed journalist with questionable work ethics, whiling away the hours engaged in their two favorite activities – drinking and betting on just about anything – is a pretty good life. That is until he meets pretty Michelle, a woman who he declares has “skin so perfect I doubted she even had pores.”

Could she be his salvation, he wonders. Maybe, but not until after he completes an alcohol-fueled urban odyssey involving Michelle’s Nihilist stripper roommate, a paramilitary Buddhist barfly, a pair of dumber-than-dirt, debt-collecting hoodlums, and the usual ration of Bayou City sweat and torrential rain.


Short Description

A Houston love story with a few beers, a Nihilistic stripper, a Buddhist assassin, two dumber-than-dirt mob debt-collectors and a couple of dead people thrown in for good measure.


A Houston Love Story With Beer, A Couple Dead Folks Thrown In

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Community Endorsements

"Urban fatalism at its best with a lot of self-deprecating laughs along the way for anyone who's ever frequented any bar, not just dive bars and certainly not just in Houston. Kind of like reading Bukowski if Bukowski had bothered with punctuation." -- Amazon reader

"Pretty much a laugh riot with a fair amount edge and social commentary thrown in to boot. Excellent debut, sir!" -- Amazon reader

"I found myself liking this book a lot by the time I had finished. In fact, I wished it hadn’t ended which is kind of unusual for me. There’s more going on here than drunks and laughs, though there are plenty of those. Songs from Richmond is oddly poignant at times. Thankfully not too much so. This is skilled story telling done in a surprising fresh way. I suggest reading." Harry Powell, Goodreads

"A good debut novel by a professional journalist I had the good fortune to work with for a number of years. Yeah, that's my disclaimer, I do know Michael Reed, or Mike as I knew him back in the day. But as a former professional myself, I can be unbiased, and if I thought the book sucked, I'd have no problem saying that. No, Michael has a flair for the descriptive paragraph, and having been in one or two seedy Richmond Avenue bars in my day, I can say with conviction that yes, you do indeed tend to run into some real characters there. And speaking of characters, Songs From Richmond Avenue has some unforgettable ones, and the book will take you for a pretty wild ride with them. The book made me smile and laugh a number of times. Buy it!" GRW56, Amazon Reader

– posted by miker0130    

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