Strange Tidings

Strange Tidings

February 26, 2018
GenreFantasy, Magical Realism, Paranormal, Post-Apocalyptic
Audience Adult, Young Adult
Format Book Length Manuscript
Type General Fiction, Myth Based
Word Count 60-80k (average/short)

Editing, Production, Marketing & Sales

Edited by Melanie Billings
Cover design by Kris Norris
Published Through The Wild Rose Press (TWRP)

Author’s Summary

The apocalypse didn’t arrive with nuclear war or a plague of zombies, just a quiet virus that sterilized most everyone and put humanity’s future in jeopardy. Fifty years later, seventeen-year-old Ed Johnson plies his musical talents in New Philadelphia, jumping at the chance to help launch a coworker’s band. But Quinn, their beautiful bassist, is inexplicably cold toward him, and other strange things are afoot.

In spite of a growing unease, Ed shrugs off being stalked by a crazy, old Native American and a frightening crone. But when nightmare creatures threaten his sister, Ed discovers he is bound to the strangers. To get out of this mess, he must enlist the help of his friends and Quinn, who harbors her own dark secret.

But there is little time for Ed to discover the true power of music and save them, himself, and perhaps the future of the human race.


Goodreads Member: “The story explores the manipulation of magic using Native American mysticism and the power of music. The human characters are righteously surviving a cataclysmic event that leaves the human race vulnerable to extinction. It is a classic good vs evil story with inventive conflicts, imaginative battle scenes, and an ending that promises more. The characters are well fleshed out, particularly the supernatural ones, and the language perhaps more mature than the young adult crowd might use. I don’t mean the language is crude; rather it is diverse, sophisticated but in no way difficult for a young adult reader. This is a fun tale to read whatever your age or literary tastes.”


Amazon Customer: “Splendid futuristic tale weaving themes of magic and music. The concluding conflicts are presented in cinematic description. The characters are believable, even the unbelievable. Thumbs up!”

Short Description

The apocalypse arrived as a quiet virus that put humanity’s future in jeopardy. Now musician Ed Johnson is stalked by strangers, and nightmare creatures threaten his sister and friends. Can magic and the true power of music save them and perhaps the future of the human race?


Fighting the darkness one song at a time.

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