Suckers n Scallies

A gritty novel, with plenty of Scouse lingo and retro sweets
by Kate JR
April 16, 2011
Votes: 13
Word Count 60-80k (average/short)

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Author’s Summary

After losing his brother, Kit Ramsay goes to stay with his Aunt Lil in 1960s Liverpool where he makes friends with local tough boy Terry Dacosta and his notorious family. Memories of those days resurface thirty years later when Kit returns to Liverpool to sort out the house of his deceased Aunt Lil. Memories of Lemon Sherbets, halfpenny sweets from O’Shaughnessy’s sweet shop, Soft Scouse and Hard Scouse accents, fights, cars with faces and the girl with the Vauxhall Cresta smile who Kit falls for in the early 1970s. Kit and Terry bump into each other in Liverpool and shortly afterwards, Terry turns up at Kit’s Bournemouth flat. But there’s the added complication of Kit’s girlfriend, Debbie (Terry’s ex). Living at close quarters, all three of them are struggling to deal with some aspect of their past.

Short Description

A life long and symbiotic friendship between two men begins in 1960s Liverpool when they are children: their early experiences in the nineteen-sixties and seventies having lasting effects on their adult lives and relationships. Also featuring 60s and 70s Scouse nostalgia and many sweets, not to mention food, records and clothes.


A gritty story, served up with Scouse dialect, retro sweets and food!

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