Tears of the Dead

Tears of the Dead

Chronicles of Fu Xi Book 2
Audience Adult
Word Count 120-140k (pretty long)

Editing, Production, Marketing & Sales

Workshopped with Algonkian Author Salon
Edited by Editing by Grace
Cover design by Createspace
Formatted by Createspace
Published Through Amazon Createspace – KDP

Author’s Summary

The long awaited sequel to BLACK SEA GODS is here!

The Curse of the Nameless God ravages the world, laying waste to man and beast. Desperate to flee the worsening cataclysm, Aizarg and his people escape to sea aboard a flotilla of rafts and fishing boats. Short on supplies and facing starvation, the Lo must not only survive epic storms and tsunamis, but ravenous demons lurking in the deep. Aizarg’s wife, Atamoda, knows that more than wind, waves and demons seek her people’s demise.

A cancer festers aboard the flotilla, one Aizarg does not see. Under the cloak of darkness, whispers and conspiracies spread from raft to raft as hunger burns in their bellies. A treacherous plot poisons the hearts and minds of the gentle Lo. Atamoda and Aizarg struggle to keep their people together, even as an unseen enemy seeks to divide the Lo, and drive a wedge between Atamoda and her husband.

Far to the east, the demigod Fu Xi races to reach the Roof of the World before the cataclysm claims him and his beloved horse, Heise. Along the way he discovers that a terrible power relentlessly stalks him – the dreaded god war has begun. Fu Xi’s immortality will be severely tested as he fights to not only to survive, but to fulfill his quest to find the mysterious white haired man and save his people.

At the end of the world, demigod and mortal fight for survival, pawns to higher powers battling for world domination. In order to save all they love, they must find one another before it’s too late.

Short Description

THE CHRONICLES OF FU XI series transforms recently re-discovered Black Sea legends, possibly the root of all Eurasian mythology, with ancient Chinese mythology to create an unprecedented epic fantasy saga. Find out more about this series at www.blackseagods.com.


Love burns brightest on the edge of oblivion.

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