The Bombmaker’s Wife

May 19, 2017
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Workshopped with I have writing groups.
Edited by Dustin M. Hoffman
Cover design by Brandon Davis Jennings
Published Through Amazon Createspace – KDP
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Author’s Summary

When Jordan O’Duffy is sexually assaulted in the Riverside High School locker room two months before graduation, he begins to plot his revenge on the students he believes assaulted him. Zeva, a Bosnian Muslim illegal immigrant who settles in Riverside after working with terrorists in the Middle East for years, sees something in Jordan that reminds her of the life she’d once had before her husband and son were murdered by soldiers during the Bosnian Genocide. Can Zeva help Jordan, a boy abandoned by his father and ignored by his mother, to make it through the final two months of high school without turning to violence? Or will the truth about her past be what pushes Jordan to take his father’s guns to school to act on the terrifying thoughts he’s been having?

Short Description

Will Jordan O’Duffy take his guns to school to exact revenge on those who sexually assaulted him in the locker room, or will the illegal immigrant who befriends him keep him from doing something terrible that he will never be able to undo?


Can a former terrorist help a bullied boy from becoming a terrorist himself?

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