The Cabin

October 16, 2015
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Author’s Summary

College girl Tabitha Stam is a good girl, on her way to accomplishing her goals and getting her perfect life on track. But when she wakes up in a mountain cabin with a bruised face and a bump on the head, she doesn’t even know how she got there, much less how to get back home.  Furthermore, she isn’t alone in the cabin. There is a strange man sharing the space with her.

As Tabitha’s fiance and law enforcement search for her, she must figure out how to survive a mountain winter and decide if she can trust the man in the cabin who claims he is as shocked as she is to be there.

The Cabin is a mystery novel with a survival theme and, while it is a new adult novel, it is appropriate for young adult readers, too.

Short Description

Tabitha Stam has her perfect life planned out. What she did not plan is waking up in a mountain cabin with bruises and a bump on the head. And she’s not alone. Can Tabitha trust the man in the cabin? Can they figure out how to survive a mountain winter?


Survival is the the game.

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