The Diary of Norman K

The Diary of Norman K

February 15, 2016
GenreComing of Age, Literary, Magical Realism
Audience Adult
Format Book Length Manuscript
Type General Fiction
Word Count 100-120k (average/long)

Editing, Production, Marketing & Sales

Workshopped with Armida publishing
Published Through Amazon Createspace – KDP
Reviewed at Full of Books
Displayed & sold at Soloneion Bookstore, Nicosia Cyprus

Author’s Summary

After the untimely death of his distant and supposedly affluent father, twenty-one year old Norman discovers that his only inheritance is a staggering debt, forcing him to drop out of university and abandon his academic aspirations. His mother having died giving birth to him, Norman now finds himself alone and desperate for guidance. In an attempt to make sense of his increasingly alienating circumstances, Norman begins chronicling his past in a diary. Norman describes a solitary childhood populated with imaginary mentors in the likes of Zeus, Pablo Picasso and Othello; mentors who visit him again now in this time of distress.
The only rooting presence in his life, offering brief distractions from the confines of his artificially curated world, comes in the form of his elderly landlady Dolores who -for what would initially appear to be purely philanthropic motives- provides food and shelter for Norman, asking only for his company in return. Through their nightly conversations, Norman is forced to face the incongruity between the imaginary world he has fashioned for himself and the world as it exists outside of his control. As elements of his past begin to collide with the present, Norman must consider the differences between perception and reality, and the decisions with which the world confronts him.

Short Description

The story of a young man, Norman, devoid of mentors, who chooses to create his own in the likes of Zeus, Pablo Picasso and Othello. In attempting to find someone to teach him how to live, Norman is confronted with the harshness of reality, and consoled by the powers of imagination.


The difference between perception and reality is merely ones vantage point.

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