The Goat

Building The Perfect Victim
October 1, 2016
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Format Novella
Word Count 20-40k (very short)

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Author’s Summary

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Built on a crumbling infrastructure of technology and magic, society makes a blessing of the many cursed with species dysphoria… animal souls trapped with human shells. They mold them into mages rather than monsters. Glenn is certain there’s a goat inside of him but the Elder Council doesn’t agree.

In a shitty marriage that plays like a broken record of abandonment and reconciliation, Frank lives in broken world. He gets by, ignoring the darkness and denying his deepest fantasies. The violence isn’t as buried as he likes to think it is.

And when he sees a pack of werewolves threatening a nerdy, defenseless man outside of a doughnut shop, Frank casts a few wards, rolls up his sleeves, and wades into the fray.

When Glenn is rescued by his former high school bully from the ani-mages that had turned on him, he had no idea what exactly lied in store for him with Frank. But he knew one thing, if Frank couldn’t couldn’t beat away his humanity, no one could.

Short Description

A Romance for Sadists, A Comedy for Sociopaths. It’s a male on male urban fantasy tale of horrific attraction between two middle aged men who aren’t what they seem. Or what they want to be.


A Romance for Sadists, A Comedy for Sociopaths.

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