The Interludes

A Sexual Odyssey
July 17, 2017
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Audience Adult
Format Short Stories
Word Count 120-140k (pretty long)

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Author’s Summary

The seven primary characters whether men or women all share the same first name Jordan and that is where the similarities end and the fun begins. A few of their story lines:

Jordan Thomas is one of L.A.’s rising defense attorneys celebrating his thirtieth birthday with his wife Meg and their best friends Mickey and Amanda on a hot September afternoon at a UCLA/Michigan football game (that actually happened in 1989). Meg has planned the entire evening, limo to and from the game, champagne, the works, but it is not till they get home when the game-day action really starts to heat up. Just how hot was the post-game is best summed up by Jordan’s own words to Meg and Amanda while Mickey whips up some post-coitus eggs in the adjacent kitchen; “Thank you both, for the best birthday party I’ve ever had, even better than the time my folks arranged to have pony rides for my eighth birthday.”

Jordan Oldfield is the career focused, thirty-two year old Hollywood studio executive on a flight from Miami to London when she joins the Mile High Club, or as she prefers to call it the Seventh Heaven Club, with the tall and handsome Thomas Chichester on his way to London for his installation as head of his family’s private holding company, after the unexpected death of his father. After a sojourn with girlfriends in Tuscany, Jordan joins Thomas back in London at Claridge’s London for some even steamier interludes.

Jordan Davidson is the driven editor who’s not quite sure of herself in matters of the heart but is desperate for love and romance when literary agent Lisa Grantham walks into NYC’s SoHo House and straight into Jordan’s fantasies.


Short Description

The Interludes, A Sexual Odyssey, is the fun sexy novel. All characters have only one thing in common, they’re all named Jordan. Seven different Jordans will take you along for almost every conceivable pairing in some seriously sexy locales. Enjoy and here’s to la dolce vita.


Daring romantic fiction for those who don’t blush easily

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Community Endorsements

A very fun book to read!

This Delightful book contains extremely clever stories of sexual escapades. If you enjoy the combination of raw sexuality and literary skill, this book is for you. I could not put it down!

– posted by greatbooks123    

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