The Seven Misterious Gifts

The Seven Misterious Gifts

no author specified
August 29, 2011
GenreLiterary, Magical Realism, Spiritual
Audience Adult, New Adult, Young Adult
Format Book Length Manuscript
Type Myth Based
Word Count 40-60k (short)

Editing, Production, Marketing & Sales

Edited by John Mellor
Cover design by John Mellor
Published Through Muze Books
Reviewed at Book Review Blog
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Author’s Summary

Seven Misterious Gifts came to Earth and lay dormant, unknown, like seeds in an empty desert. Then the rains came, in the form of a young boy chosen by an Angel to reveal them. A reject rock star, a bumptious honeybee, a tired old gardener and a lonely white dolphin are some of the many bizarre characters who take the boy on a wild, electrifying ride through their extraordinary tales, clinging precariously to “a fine line between profound and insane” as they challenge him to find and unveil the meanings of the Seven Gifts; and the enigma of the Angel, and the mystery of himself. And perhaps the mystery of us.

Madness dances with brilliance

Charming”, “wise”, “surreal” and “funny
One of those unique and wonderful manuscripts that come one’s way all too rarely
reminds me a lot of The Alchemist and The Little Prince” … “a unique and utterly irresistible novel
everyone will take something from this book that will stay with them for a long time
A most unusual and beautiful story that lingers in the mind long after reading
A book to make you think”… “I much preferred it to The Shack“.

This highly unusual tale delivers seven thought-provoking stories, laced with a large collection of some of the most bizarre and memorable characters that have ever appeared in a book … these quite incredible characters and events begin to strike the reader as insanity on the part of the author. However, if insanity it is, this is the type that gives birth to great achievements… For readers seeking something original and thought-provoking, this is nearly perfect” – the Book Review Blog.

Short Description

Seven Misterious Gifts came to Earth and lay dormant, like seeds in an empty desert. Then the rains came, as a young boy, chosen by an Angel to reveal the gifts after enduring a wild, spiritual odyssey through seven arcane and bizarre worlds in pursuit of a lonely white dolphin


"Walks a fine line between profound and insane"

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