The Tainted Shrine

Fool's Fief Book I
May 10, 2017
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Cover design by Eleanor Wallis
Formatted by Eleanor Wallis
Published Through Kobo

Author’s Summary

The Tainted Shrine is set in Caerphy, home to ancient civilisations and mysterious arcane orders. Though a small part of it has been recently conquered by an invading empire from across the seas, the people have not submitted easily.

Resistance brews, led by a religious figure thought lost to the invasion. Their return coincides with strange disappearances from the outer lands, talk of creatures only half human stirring the citizens into uneasy suspicion.

Kanika, a young Seer, is a tool of the resistance’s plans. Her reluctant engagement to Crown Prince Atham brings all manner of secrets and dissent to the surface.

Prince Alexius, the High Queen’s bastard son, seeks his fortune through bloody pacts with assassins – though they are more than they appear, and even he cannot predict where his true heart’s desire lies.

Princess Amalia schemes for their eldest sibling’s inheritance, hiding a troubling secret that threatens to tear the small nation apart. The High King’s health degrades slowly into oblivion, along with the king’s grasp on the land he has claimed as his own. Those who once ruled wait in the wings for their moment to strike and take back what was stolen from them…

Short Description

Magic, mystery, subterfuge and more await in this epic first instalment of the Fool’s Fief series.


Bite-sized medieval fantasy at your fingertips!

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