The Unusual Suspects

January 16, 2018
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Author’s Summary

Nia, a 14-year-old Bulgarian-American girl, ditches her private school and takes a train from Sofia en route to Berlin to confront her ex-boyfriend. On the way, she meets a geriatric American named Kurt who has a knack for killing people unintentionally. On the lam across Eastern Europe, where will Kurt and Nia’s intersecting journeys lead them? The Unusual Suspects is a wise, heart-warming, coming-of-age adventure.

Short Description

The Unusual Suspects is a heart-warming, coming-of-age story about a teenage girl runaway’s adventure on an Eastern European train to Berlin.


Teenage girl's quest for vengeance leads to an unlikely adventure.

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Awards and Notable Endorsements

"The pace is fast and there’s rarely a dull moment; there’s juicy suspense in every subplot and plenty of close calls for the central duo... (An) adventure story that celebrates the value of literature and unlikely friendship."
-Kirkus Reviews

– posted by Dominic Carrillo    

Community Endorsements

Dominic Carrillo’s heartwarming and adventurous tale, “The Unusual Suspects,” will hook readers young and [not so] old!

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this YA novel! 14 year-old Nia and 89 year-old Kurt carry the storyline with wit and charm at every turn for the reader in "The Unusual Suspects" by Dominic Carrillo. Toggling back and forth between each character as their joint adventure unfolds allows for all involved —the principal characters and the reader—to collectively discover the lessons learned from one generation to another, from one era to the next and from literature to real life.
You will find yourself laughing aloud and making connections to the past and present day. This heartwarming and adventurous tale will hook readers young and [not so] old!

– posted by rominagc823    

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