Tom Stone: Sweltering Summer Nights

April 5, 2017
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Audience Adult
Word Count 60-80k (average/short)

Editing, Production, Marketing & Sales

Edited by Lise Fraser
Cover design by Ben Southgate
Formatted by Bob Houston
Published Through Amazon Createspace – KDP
Scheduled for Review on November 6, 2017

Author’s Summary

Redemption. Betrayal. And Murder. It’s just a Sweltering Summer Night in Los Angeles until Detective Tom Stone takes action.

Two murders and a cocaine trail threaten dreams of riches for Anthony Angelino, owner of the High Tide marijuana dispensary in East Hollywood.

Once arrested by Detective Tom Stone on suspicion of smuggling cocaine, the courts set Angelino free and offer a second chance. But the drug cartel that he tried to double cross has a different idea and when Stone’s high school-age daughter is found browsing in the High Tide, Stone starts tracking Angelino and uncovers the ruthlessness of betrayal.

As Stone fights for justice and confronts Angelino’s attorney, he finds himself enamored with her strength and beauty—and admires her principles of right and wrong.

Healing his fractured family and keeping Los Angeles safe make for a long, hot summer.

Short Description

Detective Tom Stone chases after a small-time entrepreneur who discovers the price for betrayal when mobsters fight for control of the High Tide Marijuana Dispensary in East Hollywood.


Rush after power clashes with the pursuit of justice.


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