A private jet violently crash-lands on a deserted island. The survivors are reluctantly forced to band together. They discover the islands dark secret that has been kept hidden. The tension, suspense, and horror rise, realizing time isn’t on their side … the ravenous creations drawing closer, their appetite insatiable.

A storm is raging. That’s merely one of Detective Daniel Nash’s troubles. The bodies of the suspects start piling up. Each death is similar and equally horrifying. Detective Nash must locate the suspects before the culprit has a chance to finish them off.

Twisted Tales of Deceit is the first installment in the Beyond the Chamber Door series, featuring three blood curdling and devious tales (The Calculated Desolation of Hope, Somnium, & Knickerbocker) chronicling evil’s influence on innocent hearts and our uncontrollable desire to give in to their calculated transgression.

For fourteen-year-old Callum Silver, seeing ghosts has always felt more like a curse than a special ability.

At first, life with his grandmother doesn’t seem like it’s going to be that bad, but Murray soon learns his grandmother harbors dark secrets.

England, 1348. The Black Death, medieval surgery, a physician monk & the Mortecarni. Good v evil isn’t always black & white.

The last man in the universe is on a small escape pod orbiting a black hole. He survives by replicating himself and eating his clones. Before eating one of his duplicates, he entertains his meal by recounting the story of how he got here and how he managed to survive.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

A hit-and-run driver leaves Ernesto dying by a Miami canal. An alligator finishes the job. Death gives Ernesto time to think about injustice caused by men who don’t care about the pain they cause. Soon they’ll know pain. A darkly unnerving and visceral tale of sex, drugs, crime and vengeance.

James is doing his best to fit in at Whisperwood School for Boys, while discreetly trying to court the aloof, opium-addicted William. But something dark is happening, something involving apparitions and missing students. James is determined to find out what secrets Whisperwood is hiding…hopefully without becoming the next victim.

In 1873 New Mexico, six outlaws hole up in a deserted town, to find themselves hunted by an evil that can only be harmed when feeding on the living. To survive, they face an impossible choice – which of their own to sacrifice so that the others may live?

“The Tagibi Prophecy, Volume 1: The Chronicles of Theo is an epic fantasy adventure, a thought-provoking tale of a young warrior and his meeting with a heroic young woman, each from very different worlds. United by a common cause, the pair of unlikely heroes raise an army to defend Kiow from an enemy, the like of which they have never seen before

A mild mannered historian, a ruthless power hungry witch and an old man with a remarkable secret. When their lives intersect the results are deadly. The Guardian: A tale of love, revenge and magic.

Blood in the Sand is billed as the first in a series, and it lays a very solid foundation, introducing characters in great detail and informing the reader of the djinn and other truths about witches and wiccans. On the surface, it’s a story about a rivalry between two university staff who are vying for the same position. Beneath the surface, it’s a story of a witch who desires immortality, to be worshipped like a god, and an unassuming man who is most comfortable with facts established through documents and research and evidence, who finds his whole life turned upside down when his research introduces him to a djinn.

Blood in the Sand isn’t one thing for one type of reader. There are long passages related to history that inform Dr. Philip Entwhistle’s research, although many scenes only peripherally relate to the djinn and the larger matters at hand. It’s a testament to the author’s willingness to develop each character and part of the book in great detail, and while some of it is necessary to make Philip a believer in the djinn, some readers may be impatient with the amount of time spent in the past. Much of the drama surrounding the contemporary plot line unfolds in the last third of the book. I do find myself wondering what the balance will be in subsequent books in the series, because the reader now has an established understanding of how things work with the djinn and who the main characters are. I imagine the payoff will be subsequent installments that expand that world-building and move at a swift pace.

There’s a lot to like in this story. I really enjoyed the friendship between Philip and James, and it was nice to read a story that was more focused on people becoming friends rather than on characters entering a romance. There is a bit of romance in this story, but it is very much a minor subplot at this stage of the series. This book will be ideal for people who have a love of history, interest in mystical beings, and who are patient readers more focused on spending time with characters to get to know them well.

Review by The Guardian – Blood in the Sand

As if the death of her mother wasn’t enough, young Lori experiences terrifying visions after losing her. Were they real or imagined? Years later, the visions return, more horrifying than before. This time, there is no doubt they are real.

Zombies have overrun Ireland. Justin gets a phone call from Camille, the girl he’s always loved. She begs him to come save her, blinded by his feelings Justin does. Putting now only his own life in danger, but that of his family and friends too…

A troubled man enters a park before sunset. A young woman follows, hidden in shadow. Both have come to take back something the past has stolen from them. But evil is alive and awake in those woods: creatures driven by bottomless hunger. Before the night is over, they will feed.

When a young man breaks a pact with the Spirit, he unleashes a wrath on a small town where women are compelled to destroy the men.

Cody Higgins
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stories sung in starstuff vol. 1 is a collection of beautiful short stories about love, loss, adventure and learning through life’s darker moments. With a poetic flair, Cody Higgins spins tales both challenging and innately human.

Pinkerton agents Jasper Longley and Cole Owens fight to keep supernatural beings from wreaking havoc on the western frontier. On a routine vampire hunt they discover a relic that sets them on a quest to stop a demon. They will stop at nothing to end its reign of terror.

Votes: 0 Not eligible for review

Emiliya’s fiendish imagination offering horrific tales that are definitely not for the faint-hearted, nor are they to be read at any time other than in broad daylight.’

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Gods and monsters. Mermaids and witches. Blood and magic. Love and death. This is Food Of The Gods.

Following a year after The Daywalker Chronicles, The Lycan Chronicles finds Theo distraught when he finds out that his cousin, Matteo is facing some problems back home. Curious, he heads to Vancouver and soon finds out what’s happened and how bad it really is.

In this exciting second apocalyptic science fiction novel in the Hell Holes series, the three survivors of a research team sent to discover the cause of the mysterious hell holes flee south along Alaska’s Dalton Highway from an army of invading demons.

A novel about delusion, obsession, and blood.

In the Blighted City, the laws of nature are cast into the Pit, blurring the divide between the living and the dead. Dagra’s long-held beliefs are strained to breaking point as he confronts the ghastly truth – that Lachyla’s foul seed is much darker than its legend.

When ambitious young doctoral student Paige Ambroziak is hired to salvage a semi-mythical starship which crashed on a living planet, she discovers a species of horrifying, bloodsucking parasites looking for a new host.

A dead guy finds his purpose in life and must fight off a graveyard full of ghosts and an ancient evil in order to save his friends.

The life of a devoted employee is shattered by his company’s collapse and he is sure that it has been orchestrated by its C.E.O. He seeks revenge and it will be sweet! Or will it?

Considered for Review

A demon’s presence in the town on Mountainview has the town folk depressed, with suicides being a daily occurrence. After Father Gunter and Robert Durling meet Father Nelson, they receive an amulet that will aid them in their battle against the demon.

A group of holy warriors must help a shepherd and his family stave off an enemy the likes of which they’ve never met before. Can they survive the coming of the Burnt Lady?

There is precious little room for love in a dead city, a dead world. At the center of this bleak urban waste lies a makeshift fort. It is the refuge of Liz Walker and Pat O’Shea. They are the last living couple in the shell of what was once Seattle.

Kaitlyn’s life is threatened by a number of perplexing assailants. The police are stumped. She believes the attacks are the work of a spirit indiscriminately possessing people to use as vessels for murder. As conventional tactics prove useless, she must find a way to battle an unseen force.

With her past finally in her rearview, Frankie Mourning is still trying to do what’s right. But with the monstrous power inside her, Frankie is afraid of what she’s capable of. There’s work to be done, though: bodies frozen solid with their hearts missing are washing up onto the Oregon coast, and Frankie finds herself knee-deep in darkness once again. Roving gods, visions, women bursting into flame; it’s all in a day’s work in J.L. Murray’s sequel to Monstrous.

Local journalist Angie Fell has just learned the horrific truth about the identity of her real mother. When possible solace from her ill-fated life presents itself in the form of a baroque social club called the Edendale Society, she soon realizes things are not at all what they seem.

Jason must choose between his friends and his desire as he is drawn to the dark world of Dolphin Street, an abandoned area where the punks go. There are no rules, only a living nightmare leading to an abandoned house and the crawlspace underneath — a horror he may never escape.

17-year old Dallas Langdon loves zombie movies. But when she encounters real life (erm, undead) flesh eaters, she must flee to safety with only a giant pizza cutter as a weapon.

A quiet Sunday service turns into a living hell when an ancient entity descends upon a small country church and claims the congregation for its own. Trapped in what used to be their sanctuary, the terrified churchgoers are given an impossible ransom: their new god wants a sacrifice. For everyone to live, a child must die.

Considered for Review

BEETLE BRAIN is a return to the extreme horror genre for two-time Wonderland Award nominee Kevin Strange and FOR SURE one of the sickest, sexiest and brain-bent novels he’s ever written. If you like the messed up shit, DO NOT sleep on BEETLE BRAIN.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Death calls to him, granting Winter premonition by showing him all the ways he can die. Where does his power come from and why has he been singled out to save the world? Only Death knows the darkness ready to be unleashed from King Drohn’s conquest of the empires. He must be stopped, or the Demons of Lost Souls will rise on the wings of war to end mankind and begin the Annihilation.

A new baby, the promotion, the new house – everything is finally going his way. A happy family and the comfortable life don’t last long, though, once they start receiving visits from something that he does not understand. Or even believe.

A quiet Sunday service turns into a living hell when an ancient entity descends upon a small country church and claims the congregation for its own. The terrified churchgoers are given an impossible ransom: their new god wants a sacrifice. For everyone to live, a child must die.

When Helen begins to dream about a strange bar and a mysterious man that dwells within it, she assumes that it’s all a matter of harmless fantasy. Little does she know that the man of her dreams is about to turn her waking life into a nightmare.

Trapped by a blizzard in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, a group of clergymen attending a religious conference are thrown into a horrific battle against evil incarnate itself—their lives, along with the fate of all mankind, hang in the balance!

The humans call us zombies. We call ourselves humanz. Tacky, isn’t it? And we demand equal rights. This is our story.

A recently widowed father. The dilapidated Victorian he wanted to start a new life in. The gnarled old woman in the house next door who watches him with sightless eyes. The beautiful young seductress who goes missing. The otherworldly messages that point to violence and murder.

It’s like Uber, but for killing monsters! What if Van Helsing hunted Dracula not because it was the right thing to do, but because she was a millennial trying to make ends meet?

This book is recommended for fans of Joss Whedon’s work, fans of modern urban fantasy, and readers who enjoy the development of a detailed and absorbing world. However, it is not recommended for readers who want a plot-focused story.

Review by iHunt

Surviving in a city ruled by the supernatural is hard. Harder still with a serial killer on your trail, and a demon on your back. For sorcerer Creed, magick will either save the day…or destroy it.

Aliens invade and the survivors search for a weapon that millions have died to give them

When Leonard learns he can’t have kids due to an abnormally low sperm count, he’s blessed with a killer ventriloquist dummy son, Wee Wee.

Moving to Acadian Springs, Louisiana was supposed to be a welcoming environment to restart their lives. With bigotry and prejudice all around them, inner demons begin to manifest themselves into something larger and Ashton and Dillon are left to figure things out alone after the town turns against them.

Michael Malone and Dick Cherry are two down on their luck friends that reconnect after 30 years and stumble upon a serial killer in Tarpon Springs, Florida during Hurricane Katrina. Night after night as the storm is growing in form and power, the two friends race against time to find the killer. But perhaps they are not ready for the truth? Could the killer be one of them?

This is a noir style novel full of Hollywood history, mystery, murder and suspense. Pick up a copy today, and see why all the reviews are 5 stars!

When bigotry and prejudice begin to encircle their move from New Orleans, Ashton and Dillon realize they have bitten off more than they can chew. With troubles mounting within their own home, they seek to find the answers to the true terror that has taken hold of one of them.

50 years ago in San Francisco there was a brief season known as the Summer of Love. A time of music, celebration and consciousness-expansion, it was also for some the time when the schemes of primordial beings entered and forever altered their lives. Called from the world’s four corners, they came—from the incredibly distant and empty west of Oceania, the Black Corner; the frightening void of the frozen steppes of the far northwest and from the trapped, dying Norse culture on Greenland, the ‘Land of the Frozen Sunrise’, the cold White Corner; from the East, with its recently liberated Iberian Peninsula and the overpopulated island of Britain, the Red Corner; from the barren coastlines and lush tropical forests of the South, the Green Corner—Called, they came. Fleeing eco-catastrophe on islands grown too small to support their numbers (Easter Island, Great Britain, Greenland…) they voyaged toward the future. Opposing forces Called them to be One and on the other hand to remain uniquely Individual. To the summoned voices of their dead ancestors, they listened; to the future they, in turn, spoke. They built (and destroyed) great cities with pyramids that towered skyward. Sharing a part of themselves with animals, through drug-induced dreams they soared and prowled beyond their mortal frames. Having repulsed Islamic and Mongol intrusions into their European homelands, they sailed in ships big as houses to invade and conquer for themselves a New World; introduced to the blood-thirsty gods of the New World, they crushed them and forced worship of One of their own; seeing the temples built to honor the Old gods, they reduced them to rubble, atop which they erected cathedrals dedicated to the New. Fleeing the tyranny of autocracy, monarchy and theocracy, they created a democracy. E pluribus unum. From many, the One. But there is an older force at work, a hidden design slowly revealing itself over millennia: a Lineage of Blood containing a secret concealed even from itself. When one world falls, another rises. When worlds collide… ***Author’s note: This literary work is intended for a general, adult readership; there are scenes of sexual activity, drug use, torture and violence—you know, like in real life. This is Volume One of the unsettling epic of the settling of America. Volume Two will be ePublished on the last day of summer, 2017.

The Skin Room is an unnerving suspense thriller narrated by Alex Melville. The bloodstained document that comprises the narrative of the novel is his claustrophobic account of the murder of Valentina, and the incarceration and death of his drug-addicted sister, Sonia. The Skin Room is a ‘whydunnit’ with a twist.

Imagine an iconic made-for-TV movie spawned with a theatrical masterpiece but set in outer space! The Slant Six is for you if you like: A) Classic space cruisers B) Death races C) Sexy space vampires D) Robot rebellions E) All of the above!

There is a city in Eastern Europe where American vagabonds go to live like kings. There is a beautiful woman there, sitting by a window, laughing. There is a curse in her kiss, that takes the most broken of souls. And therein lies the Night Country, whose door opens only in dreams…

“Tainted Blood: Face Your Demons” is the first novella in a series about a demon raising two human girls. The book tells of how he came to be their adopted father/guardian.

As total war approaches, four lost souls trapped behind Cestia’s walls are on a collision course with fate, destined to either save the city or see it utterly destroyed while calling on forces beyond mankind’s comprehension. For good or ill, the light of a new day is about to dawn.

Light Dawning is dark, unapologetically so. Not just in subject matter, but in tone. A patina of helplessness and hopelessness infuses each page, aided by artful prose and sympathetic characters.

Though filled with magic and monsters, Light Dawning is not about escapism. There are no heroes, only people making hard choices to stay alive. There are no noble sacrifices, only senseless deaths and desperate murders. In short, if you’re looking for jolly dwarves and sarcastic elves, maybe look elsewhere.

However, if strong writing and palpable mood is your thing, by all means settle in.

Light Dawning doesn’t shy away from the grotesque, but I assure you there’s no gore porn fainting-couch shockers here. Ty Arthur uses blunt and graphic imagery in service of crafting his harsh world and immersing you in it. Light Dawning is no horror wannabe, it’s solid fantasy, just painted with a more serious and sombre pallet than many are used to.

I’d say that is perhaps the books weakness as well as its strength. If the relentlessness of Arthur’s world seems a bit heavy going, I sympathise. This is not an isolated battle in a wider fantasy scenario, with hearth and home waiting elsewhere. You are trapped with the characters in a merciless, terrifying siege.

This almost seems a shame at times, as Arthur’s mythos is rich, and could certainly be better explored from a wider variety of view points. However, Arthur sticks to his guns. This is boots-on-the-ground survival, and is too busy navigating the trenches to spend much time looking at the stars.

Dive into this book if you like heroic fantasy, but have a taste for something harder.

Review by Light Dawning

Aaron Walsh is a psychopath. For years he has kept that fact hidden, but one bad day is about to bring it all out into the open.

Babies disappear at birth. Wump Hozer is church custodian and a one-time felon who earned his nickname from the sound a crowbar makes when it hits a man’s head. The Devil’s made a church in Three Bridges, PA his new playground; a blasphemous bible tells Wump why.

Rik Ty
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Not for everyone (my lovely sister hated it). A blow by blow, fully choreographed fist fight between Dangler and Varrage. An intimate symphony of violence between two once-men “finally free to destroy without restraint”. See if you like it. This is a full-scene excerpt from the novel Thrill Kings: Fragmented Sky

Rik Ty
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In a dark field in California,‭ ‬a team of soldiers readies to fight whatever emerges from an inter-dimensional portal,‭ ‬but what they encounter is so strange they have no effective way of battling it.

Rik Ty
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Interdimensional travel IS REAL! It’s HERE! And it’s AMAZING! But unless an impulsive young test-driver and a terrified news-crew-intern can somehow stop a murderous army colonel from stealing the technology, it just may bring about the END of all reality. Don’t miss this fight!

Horror fiction novel written by Azhar Sabri, published by Blue Rose Publishers in February 2017


Over river town. One urban legend. One summer. Four teenagers are caught fighting for their lives and for their families as a terrible secret rises up from 20 years ago. Their town isn’t so innocent after all. Together, they go into the deep forest. She waits alone. She’s been watching.

Pitch Perfect Pick

Breaking the tropes of science fiction and horror, A Night At The Dream Theater will have you questioning reality itself. Trapped working in mind-altering science, Leander may never uncover the truth.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Inspired by The King in Yellow mythos first established by Robert W. Chambers, and reminiscent of cosmic horror by H. P. Lovecraft, Laird Barron, and John Langan, comes The Final Reconciliation—a chilling tale of regret, the occult, and heavy metal by Todd Keisling.

Children shouldn’t play with dead things. But if they do, they should make sure the things stay dead.

When vampires go to war, humans are collateral damage.

Some fallow land is best left undeveloped …

David Sharp
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Excerpt from The Carny Cage: Dirk cut the line to The Zipper, the exciting ride with its metal danger. A dwarf with an unhealthy gleam in his eye opened the cage. Dirk climbed in feeling the cool metal through the seat of his pants. The clang of the lock startled him. A commotion broke out all the way to the front of the line. Dirk smiled crazily to the aggravation of the blond cop. There was no way out, but the moment was fun. The Zipper lurched up raising the cage a couple of yards above the carnival grounds. Dirk laughed as it rocked him back and forth. The blond cop took a step back, pointed at his watch, and stared as he mouthed Dirk’s name. Dirk shook his head. Averting his gaze, he searched for the house of mirrors. A crowd of all shapes and sizes walked the midway blocking the view until a kid dropped an oversized stuffed bear. Max was still there emanating a fifties greaser cool. The Zipper lurched again causing one of its bolts to squeal. Max’s grey eyes found Dirk’s with a look of alarm. The Zipper came to life. Dirk yelled knowing no one could hear. The crowd swallowed the mirrors. The conveyer belt pulled the cage up higher and the whole contraption swung sideways spinning all the cages as it spun itself, circles in circles. The grounds seemed a blur far below. The Zipper lurched again… faster. Something was wrong. Dirk was flung around face first into the bars. He grabbed frantically to get a hold before he was slammed back. The force held Dirk in place. The bolt squeaked once more and he saw it turn, the big one holding his cage in place. Dirk wanted out. The Zipper spun around with a loud pop. At the highest point, Dirk saw the whole scene like a painted memory all the thrill seekers and marks oblivious below. The Zipper spun down and pulled back up hard. The squeak of the bolt was louder. Sweat poured down Dirk’s face. He knew it was not supposed to be this way. The squeak turned to a squeal and the cage broke loose. Dirk had no time to scream, his breath taken away, everything slow motion and weird. He held the bars tight and closed his eyes then let go.

Welcome To Blackberry Mountain Got a map? Throw it away. On an established trail? You won’t be. Are you with a group? Prepare to be separated. Don’t believe in monsters? You will change your mind. Know the way back? THERE IS NO WAY BACK. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Pitch Perfect Pick

Manhattan, 1983. Ginny is young, brilliant… and one of the most feared criminals in Times Square. Waste management executive Nicolette is respected, trusted… and completely insane. In the spring of 1983, neither Ginny nor Nicolette knows the other exists. By Summer, one of them will be dead.

Follow the strange, lustful and horrific journey of Sandy Beech as he is ensnared into the realm of African witchcraft. The Witch’s List bridges our world of convention, with that of a fabulous Twilight Zone, what may be true reality — a realm of magic and ultimate possibility.

Given an impossible choice–kill a stranger to save five other strangers–what would YOU do?

If you like psychological horror and books that make you think as well as scare you, this book is for you. The author is a true professional and this reader can tell that he knows his craft, his pacing and character development. The book never lags. The characters live and breathe and feel very intense emotions that draw you in and make you sympathize. The internal monologue is handled deftly as well, without bogging down the reader in Chris’s agonizing decisions, but giving us enough to allow us to experience this with Chris. It’s a great read and would please anyone who can stomach some violence and uncomfortable situations.

Review by Kill Someone

The Doom Hippies: Bizarro, horror and dark fantasy stories by author Alex S. Johnson.

This tale of the dark, twisted truth lurking behind the children’s fairy tale will set its fangs in you and not let go. You thought you knew the story of Little Red Riding Hood? Think again.

Frankie Mourning kills the killers. But when something supernatural opens up old wounds in her hometown, she has to turn to a detective on the run for help.

If you’re looking for a book that will make you squirm as you read, look no further. MONSTROUS is haunting and suspenseful; equal parts gore and heart. With a foul-mouthed heroine who has more of a conscience than she would like to admit, and a cast of dubiously moral characters, MONSTROUS is not for the faint of heart or the easily spooked. And beware: once you start reading you will be cast under the author’s spell, and will likely find yourself possessed with the need to continue the series.

Review by Monstrous

Sean Deville
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One day was all it took for the virus to turn millions of everyday commuters into the hoard of the blood crazed infected.

In the aftermath of a major hurricane, something has washed up on the shore of the Hudson…a nightmare that will unleash havoc on the citizens of Wyvern Falls.

A gripping psychological thriller about two teenagers, one with a secret. Neither of them knows the future, what dark mysteries they both hold. “I loved Abigail. She was perfection. She was the end. Our town was full of secrets; he was the worst and the best. She is my Abigail.”

His newborn daughter was cradled in his arms. David walked into the living room with tears in his eyes and Carol’s words coming back to him. “You promised to take care of Ericka.” He would fulfill that promise. He picked up the gun and pulled the trigger.

The Zee Brothers have a strange and dangerous vocation. While some hunt rodents or pests in the dark, Jonah and Judas tackle much larger prey… Zombies. If you like Ash Vs Evil Dead, Army of Darkness and Scooby Doo, you’ll want to try this action packed romp a try.

He had everything under control until she crashed into his afterlife.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

He’s out to set the world on fire. She’s the only one who can tame him.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

A tale of the Weird Wild West and those who lived it.

Renee Miller
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Underground Title

Foul-mouthed Katrina has been Edenized as the Messiah while the rest of the gang have been reincarnated by Robert (better known as Satan) as the Seven Deadly Sins. Their task: Corrupt the humans into being the complex, assholey beings they were before.

Marshall Moore’s short fiction is propelled by a scathing wit and a dark imagination. In A Garden Fed by Lightning, as in his two previous short-story collections, Moore spans multiple genres of fiction and subverts them all.

Jay Norry
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Underground Title

The winds of change reek of rotting flesh…

Small town deputies vs accidental serial killer

A post-apocalyptic thriller with a big difference. Is the enemy of my enemy my friend, or should I totally annihilate them both? A group of medical and military survivors thought the end of the world was bad enough, but that was just the beginning.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

A historical thriller about an occult scholar, an aspiring artist, and an Irish immigrant investigating mythology-themed murders in Paris, 1888.

There are dark clouds on the horizon and it is coming whether they are prepared or not. Will they be able to weather this storm?

Join students Samo, Monty, Ezzie, and Dunya as they study, work, flirt, explore, and battle powers of ancient evil. Will they survive their first year of college?

Considered for Review

Bert Hamberg is no hero. But when it comes to being separated from his four year old daughter at the dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse, he will do anything to find her.

There are three people in this affair – and two of them aren’t human… A hidden paranormal London lies beneath our own. Escape into the supernatural world of the Blood Lifers. A rebel, a red-haired devil and a Moon Girl battle to save the world – or tear it apart.

A unique book told from the point of view of a vampire addressing his dying wife, whilst looking back on the drama they’ve left behind. Quirky, amusing, frightening and dark, Rebel Vampires, Volume One offers a brilliant story, with plenty of twists and turns, romance and gore. For anyone who already enjoys vampire or supernatural horror style stories or for anyone who is just looking for something a bit different, a bit edgy, something that will amuse you, frighten you and take you on one hell of a journey into love, death, humanity, and monsters, then I highly recommend this book.

Review by Chantelle Atkins

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Kobe is a novel with interweaving plot lines and strong characters. The reader will follow a search for a missing waitress, a junkie with a flare for the macabre, a dope boy hell-bent on revenge, and two lovers mixed up in the crazy town drama.

A grip on one’s sanity … A discovery of demonic warfare … The beginnings of an exorcist. In the Eyes of Madness, the thin line between sanity and the supernatural.

100 by 100 is a collection of 100 stories that are each 100 words long. Mathematically, that makes each worth 1/10 of a picture. Some of these 0.1 pictures are scary, some are funny, some are funny and scary, while others are just odd.

This book is recommended for fans of horror and speculative fiction. It is especially good for those who like short stories and flash fiction. However, due to the brevity of the stories, it is not recommended for readers who are looking for an in-depth story.

Review by Amanda McSweeney

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Astin Fell lives the life of a struggling barista until he inexplicably sprouts wings and horns. Now, he’s the last servant of an unknown power, conscripted to fight the Taint—a horrific evil devouring the world one tiny piece at a time.

Deborah and Luke have lost their souls and they don’t even know it. But someone does, and they’ll do anything to catch them. A tale of ghosts, death, dreams, love and hope.

You fired but his forward thrust catapulted him forward still and he collapsed onto you. You fell backward and he lay with his head at your breast. His heartbeat engaged with yours. Blasphemously, you clutched him and said, “My son,” as if in an act of contrition

Anna is working as a courier for Blake in Chicago. The work is easy even if the hours are not, but she gets to piss off some people. Blake has her deliver a letter at Moonshine, the bar of a local gang, and she inevitably creates a ruckus. Because Anna is a hag.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Ayahuasca, my completed 67,000-word horror/thriller, will transport you to the jungles of Peru where death and mayhem are just a vial of ayahuasca away.

In this Crime Fiction / Thriller novel with a twisted sense of humor, Sarah works for T.H.E.M. (Trusted Hierarchy of Everyday Murderers), a secret organization of murderers for hire headed up by the mysterious Zeke. You’ll be surprised to learn who their biggest clients are. Conspiracy theories, anyone?

Pitch Perfect Pick

A broken father. His missing daughter. A forbidden technology. An impersonal deity that has abandoned Its children. All intertwined into a single quest for redemption against the backdrop of life and death, time and space.

A cold stormy night conjures up a terrifying nightmare for Bodhi. Is it just a dream or a premonition? Max is leading a happy life with his family. His past comes knocking on his door, threatening his whole world. How will he protect his family from this harbinger of death?

Seventeen-year-old Cera Singer discovers she comes from a long-line of witches after moving from the Deep South to New York State. She then has to develop her powers in order to fight off an evil witch that haunts the forest behind her new home.

Bill Kieffer
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Pitch Perfect Pick

A Romance for Sadists, A Comedy for Sociopaths. It’s a male on male urban fantasy tale of horrific attraction between two middle aged men who aren’t what they seem. Or what they want to be.

Observe through the eyes of Logan, who is obsessed in trying to uncover who is behind the famous 4-20 Drain Murder after his ex-girlfriend was murdered. He and his friends struggle to find answers while dealing with drug addiction, the living dead and being stalked by cultists.

The people of LonePine, Wyoming, like most small towns in the American West, know about heartbreak and economic despair. And ever since the undead showed up, they know about terror too. That’s why every pickup radio, every jukebox in every saloon, and every portable radio is belting out classic country.

With a fast pace and a well-developed world of vampire intrigue, THE COWBOY AND THE VAMPIRE is a perfect easy read for lovers of all adventure novels. More than a romance and breaking the stereotypes of both cowboys and vampires, this is a must-read if you enjoy unique fiction and fast-paced plots.

Review by The Cowboy and the Vampire

Alex was cured of the disease that turns people into flesh-eating monsters. Micah hates Survivors like him. When an outbreak plunges their city into chaos, terror and death, can the two enemies join forces and stop the new virus?

A quiet little mountain town is hiding a big problem. When the townsfolk of Raven’s Peak start acting crazy, Abigail Dressler is called upon to discover the root of the evil affecting people. She uncovers a demonic threat unlike any she’s ever faced and finds herself in a fight just to stay alive.

A unique twist to the demonic realm, paranormal audiences are certainly in for a treat with this first book in a promising new series.

Review by Anita Lock

A sequence of interconnected novellas of dark, Lovecraftian fantasy. Stories of people who find themselves at the borders of reality and discover heroism – or horror.

Flinging a respectful salute to Lovecraftian lore, the novel carefully recreates the poetry of familiar cosmic horror and secret history, and scatters easter eggs about liberally. But Robert DeFrank is no copy cat, and he overlays his stories on Lovecraft’s cherished backgrounds in his own confident, elegant (and to be honest, much more accessible) way. Here is good horror, written well, and for genre afficiandos that alone should be enough to click the purchase button.

The tales of Star Winds at Dusk are anchored around a respect and dedication to building a solid supernatural mythos, providing the cozy depths to lose oneself in that is so necessary to a good horror tale. Though the book is filled with outlandish beasts and no small amount of the occult, Robert DeFrank pulls off that Lovecraftian trick of presenting the inexplicable with academic credulity, and really pervades the sense that a world of the inexplicable lies close by… for those that know how and where to look.

All this talk of H.P Lovecraft may be off-putting to some, but those of you who don’t know their Shoggoth’s from their elbows won’t feel put out. Star Winds at Dusk isn’t a fan fiction, and at the core of the cosmic musings is a solid thread of story filled with intriguing characters. It’s an original twist on time-tested concepts.

I thoroughly enjoyed Star Winds at Dusk. It was pleasingly intriguing, sometimes disturbing and shot through with a quiet dread and tension you’d expect from a seasoned horror writer.

Review by Steve Wetherell

Oubliette — A Forgotten Little Place consists of interwoven stories with paranormal twists. An epic adventure, it spans nearly two millennia. Oubliette delivers blow after blow of mystery, horror, and suspense. This thriller seeps into your soul and doesn’t let go. In the end, as you’re begging for mercy, you’ll also be begging for more.

Totalitarian regimes fall hard, totalitarian theocracies only fall with an armageddon.

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A European traveling circus leaves town, and children vanish. Rurik suspects a killer hides in it, but they think lightning-scarred Rurik’s the monster. Sylvie, her bloodwalker clan despised as ghouls, will marry at the circus but finds a body instead. Tracking the killer leads Rurik and Sylvie to something unimaginable.

A Chicago detective faces true evil on the case, and gets a chance to get revenge on the vampire who ruined his life…but he gets more than he bargained for when he meets Angelica Cross.

Crowley is back…here along the Hudson River with the Sacred Order of the New Golden Dawn.

By Summers Last Twilight, with only a few omissions of the more graphic descriptions, could have easily been billed as a Stranger Things style YA adventure. As it stands, with plenty of sex and violence throughout, the novel is an unapologetic thrill ride for those who have a taste for the supernatural.

Review by Steve Wetherell

“A taut novel of suspense with a thread of the supernatural that seizes the reader’s attention and will not let go. Lurking underneath the saga of a psychic’s imminent mortality and the threat of a ruthless murderer are deeper thematic questions about the essence of human free will.” (Micah Andrews-Midwest Book Review)

Franklin and Gage stared in disbelief as the skin on Bouquet’s face rippled like pond water in a pouring rain. “Good Lord,” exclaimed Benjamin. “He’s undergoing a metamorphosis; like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.” “The bloody hell you say,” Gage disagreed hotly. “That’s no butterfly!”

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Welcome to Sanctuary, a bar that exists outside time and offers a safe place to unwind. Well, it doesn’t have to be a bar. It’s anything you need it to be really, but Asher almost always needs a good drink. Enter Asher Hearst: immortal, college student, and small-time fixer.

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A bluesy biker story set in the deep south during the late 60s, with a splash of Stephen King, Poe, and inspiration by Quentin Tarantino. For those interested in true myths and legends, along with the history of the biker culture.

In the best of times, loneliness is difficult. At the end of time it can be deadly.

From the publisher of the SPACE ELDRITCH anthologies comes a flavor of cosmic horror that’s much closer to home! Sometimes amusing, sometimes horrifying, always unsettling, sixteen authors bring you sixteen tales of white trash meeting dark gods, the yellowed bones of antiquity, and colors that can’t be named.

End Matter is a novella, inspired by the work of Stephen King, and the mysticism of New England. Fellow self published and indie authors would certainly enjoy this short, yet clever and enjoyable thriller.

Bisexual teen Corey Nguyen believes that surviving senior year and a budding romance with her friend Kate is all life has in store for her. That is, until prom night, when she’s left alone and in shock, hiding inside a diner restroom, the only witness to a multiple homicide.

This collection of macabre short stories will have you on the edge of your seat as you come to realize you are not that different from the monsters in these tales…the ones hiding in polite society…the one in the mirror.​

Brian L. Braden
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Underground Title

Underground Book Reviews co-founder Brian L. Braden presents six tales of souls turning life’s corners. From the Old West, to the edge of space, six people must learn to abandon the illusions that feed their fears, and trust in love, friendship, and courage.

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Sabrina, a lovely fairy has it all: fame, fortune, and beauty—until her boyfriend Cade, a rebel vampire, films their involvement in a crime as well as the passionate lovemaking that follows. Can they also prevent the world from falling into the hands of an evil mind with horrible intentions?

Pitch Perfect Finalist

When Owen Saddler’s little sister mysteriously drowns, Owen is determined to uncover the circumstances by following in her footsteps, even if it means diving into the murky—some would say haunted—waters of Chapel Lake.

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Sker House is a traditional-style gothic ghost story with a contemporary twist and a distinctly Welsh flavour. Though the characters are fictionalized, many of the events described in the book are matters of historical record. Read it if you dare.

Fall, Leaves, Fall is a compelling Supernatural Thriller. Can James Bridge keep the promise he made all those years ago, and what will be the cost if he does?

In Hell by mistake? Better hope your loved ones calls a Soul Retriever. When an innocent soul is sent to Hell, loved ones can hire a Soul Retriever, to go into Hell and return the soul to Heaven Gate.

Soul Retrievers doesn’t waste any time placing you right in the middle of the action. From the first page, protagonist Getter is face to face with the various monsters of the hell dimension, and the brakes are off from there on in. In his mission to find the soul of an innocent young girl, Getter is never short of a fight scene, and the novel rolls from one danger to the next with unrelenting pace. As events unfold, Getter’s seemingly straight forward task becomes embroiled in a demonic uprising against Satan, and the already high stakes of eternal damnation become higher still.

The strongest and most enjoyable part of Soul Retrievers are the various depictions of the many levels of hell. Plenty of imagination goes into describing the multitude of unique creatures, impressive environments and creative tortures found there, and the author takes great delight in painting an intricate picture that would give certain Renaissance artists pause for thought. From singing skeletons to giant snakes, rivers of bone to flaming waterfalls, David Burton’s hell is a rich and realised landscape, and this alone will keep you turning the pages.

Despite the sinister surroundings, Soul Retrievers is a mostly light hearted tale, with no shortage of wise cracks and goofs. Though, be warned, the story crashes into some pretty horrifying depictions  of suffering, which shouldn’t be surprising considering the setting. Despite dealign with some heavy themes, the novel remains suitable for YA audiences.

The novel is told almost entirely from Getter’s point of view, and the first person perspective both helps and hinders the novel. Sure, it allows us to bounce along fluidly through the plot, but it also sacrifices the opportunity to let the support characters breath and grow on their own. If you’re looking for pure action adventure this won’t bother you at all, but those looking for a weightier character piece may sense a missed opportunity.

Still, the ideas are plentiful, and David Burton lays the table for a meal with plenty of meat. With a cast of ancient gaelic warriors, rebellious demons and vampiric girlfriends, Soul Retrievers is a sometimes grim but mostly fun adventure that will appeal to YA and fantasy nuts alike.

Review by Steve Wetherell

Brian L. Braden
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Underground Title

Let DeadPixel Publications take you to places where choices lead to the unexpected and bizarre.

Brian L. Braden
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Underground Title

A collection of engaging short stories that range from gritty to haunting, thought-provoking to ridiculous.

Brilliant surgeon Aulen Gregoire discovers that his blood causes patients to survive death. His ability turns into obsession, and the blessing soon becomes a curse, ravaging his body. Craving the bliss of saving lives, his vast addiction drags him down to the deadly blue lights of the city’s most desperate.

Andrew Garvey & Mike Staples
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Little Penny Dreadfuls, a collection of 99 dark and twisted stories of 99 words . Perfect for readers who want quick fixes of neatly distilled horror, and those looking to sample some new, nastily imaginative ideas.

Karl Demetris has an insatiable desire for money. Heading a drug ring, he discovers a cheap substance to peddle.The effects are ghastly. Strip club owner and public masturbator extraordinaire, Donald Bickley, is in a position to stop this atrocity. The future of Badfish rests in his sticky hands.

Our world decayed and a new world arose from the ashes of the old. Evolution always finds a way…

“The Shining” meets “House of Leaves.” A horror movie fan discovers a box of pictures buried in his basement that lets him spy on his friends.

Lurk is a fresh and clever horror with a well-written cast of memorable characters. With a measured balance of mystery, suspense and reality bending horror, fans of the genre will find themselves breezing through this book in one or two sittings. It’s a real page turner, relying as much on the psychologically disturbing as its moments of grotesque imagery and supernatural creep.

Certain parts recall a young Stephen King, and the use of an unreliable narrator being influenced by the restless dead may ring familiar to fans of The Shining. However, good horror is often in the telling, and Adam Vine tells a fine tale. His depiction of Drew, from whose perspective the events unfurl, is particularly note worthy. Struggling to find his place, Drew is a study on the social outsider in the millennial age, a young man who tries to find solace in youthful crutches as his friends grow up around him, trapping him in a cycle of bitterness and frustration.

Lurk is at its surface a good horror with some genuinely disturbing scenes. But it is the depth of characterisation that sets it apart from its peers. While the cast at first appear to be typical teenage horror fodder, they each reveal wisdom, cynicism and an almost tragic self-awareness of how little, and how much, their formative years actually matter. Lurk is an exploration of youth, friendship and coming of age, wrapped in an eerie, sometimes brutal, horror story.


Review by Steve Wetherell

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In the shadowy world of international espionage and governmental black ops when a group of American spies go bad and inadvertently unleash an ancient malevolent force that feeds on the fears of mankind, a young family finds themselves in the crosshairs of a frantic supernatural mystery of global proportions with only one man to turn for their salvation.

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BLOOD HOUND is the first installment in the Hound of Eden series. The books tell the story of Alexi Sokolsky, a wizard and hitman for the Russian Mafia who is drawn into the cosmic war against the Morphorde, an evil entity trying to destroy all Life in the universe.

David Darson
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Welcome to the South Pacific! The most remote place on Earth. An expedition goes awry, as the team finds itself amidst killers…..

Mad doctors, Lovecraftian monsters, and one little mental patient to stop them…

A family goes on vacation and is haunted by ghosts and nightmares. But when their daughter goes missing, the real nightmare begins.

The legend of Sawney Bean has long been discussed and adapted into other stories. There has been discussion on which parts of the tale are fact and which parts are fiction. This is the story from the mans mouth himself. Sawney Beans journey from a twel …

Renee Miller
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Sweet Revenge contains sixteen short tales, which illustrate that while forgiveness can be a gift, vengeance is sometimes a far more satisfying reward.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

San Francisco 1899. As the city prepares to welcome the new century, a twisted killer enacts his final, grisly legacy.

Renee Miller
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Underground Title

What can the illegitimate daughter of a whore do to stop the most powerful, and most despicable man in New Orleans? Kill him.

Renee Miller
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Underground Title

Robert, aka; Satan, is the only chance humanity has to survive Armageddon. He’s kind of a dick, though.

Psychological horror awaits both character and reader in this thriller about a woman, and the life she never thought she would lead. Violence, Intrigue and Twisted story…

Renee Miller
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As armed forces go, a gentle, sleepy zombie, a werewolf with an out of control libido, and a vampire with a peanut allergy are not that impressive. Until they combine their viruses…

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Teenage girls are disappearing, leaving panic in a small Ohio town. Two friends escape the growing paranoia with a routine fishing trip. But when their boat breaks down during the storm of the century, they’re forced into a different sort of refuge. One that may cost them their lives.

Annabel Wallis has problems and they get worse with each passing day. Not only must she survive the zombie apocalypse, she must decipher cryptic messages from beyond the grave and release trapped souls before she becomes second dead.

James Finn finds himself trapped in the persona of Clay Cross, a 1950s cold war warrior and misogynist private eye, a composite of every pulp novel he’s ever read. Out of his time and ignorant of political correctness, Clay Cross blunders and offends in equal measure, and at the same time explores gender in unexpected ways.

Pitch Perfect Pick

Lacey Stamford is just like anyone else, until one day when a simple, harmless decision changes it all. Now, thrust suddenly into a world she’s never known, this single mother of two must face the impossible: an otherworldly force so pervasive, it could threaten the very fate of humanity itself…

The POTUS sends his top problem solver Marcus Wrath of NOLE to tackle the Three Demons Of Chaos, but first he must find a key not realizing it will unlock the darkest secret of Mars.

Separated from her parents, a young girl must find her way through the Nanking warzone.

An unemployed aero-engineer receives an unusual besom broom, becoming part of a heart racing adventure.

Call of the Conjurer; a contemporary fantasy horror set in 2003, full of magical soldiers and otherworldly monsters from folklore and eldritch places. It is a story of action, light romance, dark humour, violence and bad language, but mostly team work; learning to co-operate and make personal discoveries.

A fifteen year old girl survives the apocalypse and must fight zombies as she travels across North America to find her father. Not a dream, not a trick, this a brutally true memoir that will change how you think about heroes, crayfish, memoirs and zombies forever.

James Weems can eavesdrop on the chit-chat of germs. Within these invaders lie the secrets of every living thing. James could end disease’s reign over mankind. Others also possess this gift, and tampering with its works will incur their wrath. And tampering is precisely what James intends to do.

Ezembe has unique story concept with a lot of potential. Those who enjoy medical science-fiction and don’t mind a touch of the supernatural will find it interesting. The story is intriguing enough to keep the reader turning pages, but the ending doesn’t quite live up to the promise, more due to the flat characters than the plot.


Review by Lynne Hinkey

J.R. Hamantaschen
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The follow-up to his critically acclaimed collection, You Shall Never Know Security, J.R. Hamantaschen returns with another collection of his inimitable brand of weird, dark fiction. At turns despairing, resonant, macabre and insightful, these nine stories intend to stay with you.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

When Harley Baker astral projects, he returns to find that his body has been possessed by a demon.

Two strangers are thrust into a secret world hidden behind the modern one where they must face an apocalyptic cult while coming to terms with their own genetic legacies. Along the way, they become unlikely friends as they learn what it means to be Awakened.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

HER MEMORIES WON’T STAY DEAD. With help from a group of runaways, Corrina must survive a world gone mad if she’s to find the boy she still loves. But when Dylan discovers what she’s become, will he still love her?

A GROUP OF RUNAWAYS. A HORRIFYING VIRUS. A single drop of blood, and now 16-year-old Mary is one of the infected. Unless she can stop the virus and save her friends, the new monster in town might now be her.

Germination is a relatively short tale, meant as a primer for a larger series, and in this respect it is successful. However, the story also satisfies as a self-contained tale, and will serve well those of you looking for a quick read.

If strong female leads are what you’re after, the heroine, Mary, is fiercely independent, and a self-styled protector of her fellow street kids. After being exposed to infection she is horrified to discover that her identity, and her values, are slowly succumbing to a burgeoning and unreasoning aggression. This development is much of what is interesting and refreshing about this zombie tale– it is not a bunch of kids fighting off the undead with improvised weapons, as you might expect, but rather one girl’s struggle to retain her humanity.

As a stepping stone into the post-apocalyptic world of The Feast of Weeds series, Germination certainly plucks at your curiosity, and as a stand alone tale it satisfies and engages.

Review by Steve Wetherell

Dr. Alastair Stone, Occult Studies professor and powerful mage, has his hands full trying to keep the two sides of his life separate as he trains a new apprentice, deals with a malevolent entity trapped a wealthy old woman’s massive home, and battles dark mages intent on enslaving it.

If you’ll read a story about magic, even if it isn’t perfect, simply because magic is your thing, this professionally produced book is a good choice for you.

Review by A post with the ID $staff does not exist.

Jason Sterling never meant to put his life or anyone else’s in danger. The Genier law firm’s excellent reputation assures him all is well when he accepts the unusual job offer with the Genier’s personal friend and client. The mysterious and alluring Au …

When a medical emergency causes a plane to make an emergency landing at an isolated northern Canadian airfield, a single survivor is left to piece together the events that found him unconscious and alone in the medical centre of a recently abandoned ghost town.

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An ancient island secret, held by island elders becomes Aiyana’s living nightmare.

Join Stanza on a tornadic quest into regional folklore, a string of historical murders, and the occult – and ultimately, into the mysteries behind her own bloody heritage and fey destiny. Between the suspense and the quality of writing, you won’t be able to leave aside this spellbinding first novel.

Ligatures is for readers who appreciate beautiful language and enjoy a story that both entertains and stimulates thought. It is on the dark side, and is not a simple “feel good” read. Instead, it is a novel with depth and complexity and power. Sara Rich is absolutely an author to watch.

Review by Ligatures

Oliver, a gunslinger from Purgatory, must rescue a family of telepaths who are key to the end of days. Enter a world of auras, telekinesis, insanity and heart stopping adventure.