Magical Realism

On psyche leave, army captain Fallon Parker has returned from her latest overseas tour with more than just a case file to her name. In the middle of her leave, her sworn protector, Hadwin, takes her to her birth world – a world filled with magic, monsters and a tyrannical queen.

After Stan Power’s ex-wife accidentally kills their daughter, heartbroken Stan vows to do anything to change this tragedy, even if it means living the events over again. And again. And again. His weapons are alchemy, magic, and a science that won’t exist until he creates it.

Diomedes is back, racing against a cosmic timetable, to save more than humanity from an ancient apocalypse.

Got wishes? Meet Jack Gilmour, Las Vegas’ first and only demonic contract lawyer, protecting people against themselves from offers they can’t refuse.

Join Yuki on her grief and vengeance fueled hunt through Tokyo’s underbelly for her friend’s murderers.

A vicious dictator. A magical secret. Can a young freedom fighter master her powers in time? If you like savvy heroes, dark magic, and fantastical worlds, then you’ll love Greg L. Turnquist’s fast-paced adventure.

A clueless conman, a stubborn succubus, and an evil god who won’t shut up. It turns out living nightmares almost never appreciate a good joke.

Anyone who likes magical realism in the vein of Neil Gaiman or Christopher Moore will love this well-written, fast-paced adventure loaded with humor. Hero Forged has a little bit of something for everyone–action, adventure, comedy, tragedy, gods, and monsters, and even some romance. Readers looking for a neatly categorized tale with a straightforward, predictable plot might find this fast-paced, imaginative adventure uncomfortable, but the writing and fun plot could even pull them in.

Review by Hero Forged

Holland finds herself immersed in a game of life or death in ancient Greece. To win her freedom, she teams up with Doran, who is on the eve of his forced wedding. They must decipher the challenge set forth by Loki and resist the raging passion that burns between them.

Melody Delgado
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Underground Title

Young orphan, Shauna, longs to be part of a family. On a trip to the beach she meets a beautiful girl named Daphne, near a wishing well. Could Daphne be a fairy and will she grant Shauna’s wish to find a family of her own?

What if you could take make believe and make it real?

Leave your world behind and enter an adventure forever lost but never forgotten. Where only magic is real, and anything is possible. Fried Windows: In a Light White Sauce is an unforgettable journey into imagination—a feast of delightful characters whose perspective of their worlds will change the way you think about yours—forever.

In flu-ravaged 1918 Philadelphia, Fiora Vicente, the freshly orphaned and forward-thinking daughter of the local fortune teller, has goals. She has ambitions. But when faced with a future she hasn’t planned, she has second thoughts–and casts her community into a stagnant bubble of time.

The devil makes a wager with God. The stakes? A new paradise? Or hell on Earth?

Purgatory wasn’t where Owen thought he’d end up, but sometimes you don’t get it right the first time. On his last day In-Between, Owen’s ready to leave. But then she walks in. Big. Bold. Bright. He’s got two weeks to get to know Mia. Two weeks to make it count.

A mild mannered historian, a ruthless power hungry witch and an old man with a remarkable secret. When their lives intersect the results are deadly. The Guardian: A tale of love, revenge and magic.

Blood in the Sand is billed as the first in a series, and it lays a very solid foundation, introducing characters in great detail and informing the reader of the djinn and other truths about witches and wiccans. On the surface, it’s a story about a rivalry between two university staff who are vying for the same position. Beneath the surface, it’s a story of a witch who desires immortality, to be worshipped like a god, and an unassuming man who is most comfortable with facts established through documents and research and evidence, who finds his whole life turned upside down when his research introduces him to a djinn.

Blood in the Sand isn’t one thing for one type of reader. There are long passages related to history that inform Dr. Philip Entwhistle’s research, although many scenes only peripherally relate to the djinn and the larger matters at hand. It’s a testament to the author’s willingness to develop each character and part of the book in great detail, and while some of it is necessary to make Philip a believer in the djinn, some readers may be impatient with the amount of time spent in the past. Much of the drama surrounding the contemporary plot line unfolds in the last third of the book. I do find myself wondering what the balance will be in subsequent books in the series, because the reader now has an established understanding of how things work with the djinn and who the main characters are. I imagine the payoff will be subsequent installments that expand that world-building and move at a swift pace.

There’s a lot to like in this story. I really enjoyed the friendship between Philip and James, and it was nice to read a story that was more focused on people becoming friends rather than on characters entering a romance. There is a bit of romance in this story, but it is very much a minor subplot at this stage of the series. This book will be ideal for people who have a love of history, interest in mystical beings, and who are patient readers more focused on spending time with characters to get to know them well.

Review by The Guardian – Blood in the Sand

A fantastical tale with a powerful message about learning to face your demons, traversing the tricky plains of middle school, and how important compassion is in the face of adversity.

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Enter the hilarious world of Murphy Drummer, where the impossible becomes the inevitable and the inevitable inescapably hysterical. When America calls upon Murphy to employ his unique, hobby-honed talents in a matter of national security, it’s a request his country soon regrets. A riotous comedy of mayhem and miracles.

Roy Nuttersley has been dealt a pretty raw deal. While hideous parents show him little affection, school bullies make his life a misery. So Roy takes comfort in looking after the birds in his garden, and in return the birds hatch ambitious schemes to protect their new friend.

Madilla is the story of a young girl from an isolated village who teaches herself to play piano. Through the improvised music of her people, she connects with Pan, a mountain sparrow, sparking an adventure of musical and spiritual discovery that threatens the beliefs everyone around her.

Infected by a DNA-altering virus, Derek and Alessandra develop strange and unnerving superpowers that challenge everything they thought they knew about the world. As they fall in love, they battle ruthless criminal mobs bent on harvesting the virus from their brains and intelligence agencies that try to enslave them.

A ten year old, boy’s accidental tumble down a large steep hill steers him into an unusual adventure far beyond his wildest dreams.

Considered for Review

The apocalypse arrived as a quiet virus that put humanity’s future in jeopardy. Now musician Ed Johnson is stalked by strangers, and nightmare creatures threaten his sister and friends. Can magic and the true power of music save them and perhaps the future of the human race?

Mystery, danger, romance, and some time travel thrown in–The Time Tourists is a rollicking story featuring a delightful young female protagonist and a great cast of colorful characters.

As the gods battle in the heavens, darkness descends on earth. It isn’t prophecy, destiny, or a birthright, that will decide the fate of the mortal world. It is choice.

Imogen Oliver has a unique ability, she can time-travel through photographs. Step into time as she investigates a teenage girl who disappeared to 1967 San Francisco, then journeys to 1912 to locate a set of missing stereoscopic glass plates that hold a curious connection to her own life.

In this exciting second apocalyptic science fiction novel in the Hell Holes series, the three survivors of a research team sent to discover the cause of the mysterious hell holes flee south along Alaska’s Dalton Highway from an army of invading demons.

Peter Roth is a talented musician and a drunk who hears judgmental voices in his head. On a tour of the country, one of the voices turns out to be real – and following him.

The shift is coming… But the end of the world does not have to be a disaster.

In the Blighted City, the laws of nature are cast into the Pit, blurring the divide between the living and the dead. Dagra’s long-held beliefs are strained to breaking point as he confronts the ghastly truth – that Lachyla’s foul seed is much darker than its legend.

When Jesse mysteriously vanishes from their ballet school, Ella is determined to find him. Her quest leads her though a hidden attic door and into a magical land ruled by a malevolent force. Ella’s willing to risk everything to save him, but the cost may be too great to bear.

A larger-than-life tale of one man’s courage, sacrifice, and unyielding defiance to fight for his peoples’ freedom against those that would take it, and in this great struggle he finds friendship with three alien beings fallen to Earth that stand with him.

She sits above his bed eating pomegranates, waiting for him to notice her. One night a droplet of juice slips through her fingers and hits the sleeping Manhattan businessman on the forehead, awakening him to a series of baffling adventures—all to help her save a forgotten child of history.

Young Adult mystery in which budding writer Lorna meets Monkey Arkwright, the boy who loves to climb. Combining their skills, they try to piece together the clues in a black-hearted mystery that has its roots in some dark deeds that took place more than a century earlier.

Racine is about a 19 year old woman, Racine, who, on a visit to the Library Of Congress, goes on a magical odyssey to discover her mystical beginnings.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Human mythology meets alien technology in this science fiction satire. After Yahweh illegally returns to London, can the Gods overcome their petty delusions and avert catastrophe?

One woman’s incredible story of survival, lost, alone and pregnant in a cold, northern wilderness and her journey to empowerment.

One woman’s incredible story of survival, lost, alone and pregnant in a cold, northern wilderness and her journey to empowerment.

Young adult novel in which two teenagers, one a budding writer and the other a boy who loves to climb, combine their talents to solve a mystery in a tale of budding friendship, train-obsessed simpletons, the shadow of Napoleon and falling pianos.

Pitch Perfect Pick

Ted Bundy was never apprehended and is running for president. Jim, a contestant on a game show which has contestants competitively predicting the future by reading animal entrails, finds omen foretelling Bundy’s victory. As details of Bundy’s murderous past are uncovered, Jim decides to stop his ascent to power.

The peaceful life of 17th century New England Puritan farmer Adam Green is ripped apart when he finds a television set in the woods.

With her past finally in her rearview, Frankie Mourning is still trying to do what’s right. But with the monstrous power inside her, Frankie is afraid of what she’s capable of. There’s work to be done, though: bodies frozen solid with their hearts missing are washing up onto the Oregon coast, and Frankie finds herself knee-deep in darkness once again. Roving gods, visions, women bursting into flame; it’s all in a day’s work in J.L. Murray’s sequel to Monstrous.

Scheduled for Review on August 20, 2018

The sky is full of elephants. Hares live on the moon. A paradise threatened by an alien being, and a promise to help it home. Only then will harmony be restored, and the human song renewed. Custodians of earth must not fail in their task, else all will be consumed.

Former DOD operative Gavin Randall is coming home after twenty-eight years of war. Dismissed by the government he spent his life fighting for, his only solace is knowing that the life waiting for him is one of peace. Unfortunately, Gavin stumbles upon a secret underworld that exists alongside ours.

A quiet Sunday service turns into a living hell when an ancient entity descends upon a small country church and claims the congregation for its own. The terrified churchgoers are given an impossible ransom: their new god wants a sacrifice. For everyone to live, a child must die.

Scheduled for Review on November 5, 2018

YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE? When he wakes up naked and alone in the Mount of Olives Cemetery, Moshe Karlin doesn’t remember dying two years ago, nor does he realize how hard he’ll have to work to win back his perfect old life… and his wife.

Emma Dawes goes off to college and is recruited to a club for magic users, or “elementalists” as they call themselves. She quickly realizes that magic is not all fun and games when students start dying, seemingly killed by magic users.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

What is Victorian England without its iconic Queen? Fans of gaslamp fantasy won’t want to miss out on this lighthearted YA steampunk adventure that follows a new and unexpected Queen of England. 

A young man experiences hallucinations throughout his life that are also seen by his loved ones, leading him to doggedly pursue the clues left in his path so that he may find out the answers.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Can these lost Earthian orphans, all warriors snatched from the past, present and future, survive to fulfill their destinies in another dimension where time no longer has meaning, on a moon called Sun?

Witches are real, they are evil, and Claudia Matthews must fight her way past the temptation of corruption, and weakness to find the answers she seeks for her saving grace. But being bound to the damned means fighting against more temptation than the pull of power.

Malefica is perfect for fans off Melissa de la Cruz and Richelle Mead. An unpredictable and tightly woven plot, along with original world-building, keep this book moving forward at a fast clip.

Review by Katie Rose Guest Pryal

Magic, mystery, subterfuge and more await in this epic first instalment of the Fool’s Fief series.

Danais and Leo are both orphans searching for truth. What they find, however, is much more than they anticipated and the truth could lead to their demise.

Sixteen year old Callie Evans is a typical teen drama queen. All she wants is a cell phone and her driver’s license. What she gets instead is a new identity as a demon-slaying angel, and, although she’s at first loathe to believe the truth, she soon realizes she’s much more than typical. Callie not only must protect the kids in her circle from the Raysers who are out to destroy their souls, but she must ultimately save the world from the evil that threatens to consume it.

Class is back in session for the new Slayer. But something has risen from the Shadows, once again threatening everything and everyone she loves. But this question still remains: Is she ready to fight?

Stan Faryna
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Zombies, greed, betrayal and permadeath in a dark dystopian MMO game reminds us of Shakespeare’s midsummer lament – that the course of true love never did run smooth.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Japanese immigrant Harry Shikita dreams of becoming a successful businessman But Harry has a problem: the trolls, who want to find their way back to God through their Redeemer. The trolls think Harry’s their guy, but he’s on his own quest. Will Harry become the trolls’ bridge to God’s grace?

An epic adventure romance, a young woman’s spirituality odyssey and a mystical tale of destiny and redemption. Set against the background of the Lebanese civil war, Leila survives the Shatilla Camp massacre of 1982 and follows a desperate plan to freedom.

When Megan McConnell discovers a time telephone, she embarks on a high-stakes quest to save her mother’s life by calling her before a deadly bomb blast in Afghanistan. A YA coming-of-age novel about a teenage girl confronting feelings of rejection and abandonment.

The Time Telephone was a short and yet insightful read about love and loss that explores how one might go about changing the past given the opportunity and the need to come to terms with difficult truths about the people we love. It would be suitable for adults and young teens.

Review by The Time Telephone

A young woman joins an ancient war against the forces of order on the side of trickester gods.

For most people, a visit from their former in-laws is unpleasant at most. If only I were that lucky. Mine have unexpectedly dropped by, leaving a couple of bodies in little bits and a message in blood as their way of saying hi.

Perhaps the biggest appeal of the Global Warden series is that it’s told from the point of view of Victor Warden, a cynical and world-weary man to whom the cosmically incredible is just another day at the office. Victor’s sarcastic commentary is a useful counterpoint to the high-flying ambition of the story’s techno-mythological backdrop. Victor- even when clashing powers and trading insults with demigods, keeps our feet firmly on the ground.

The second strongest aspect of Lange’s writing is the pace. Action scenes are never far away, and filled with quick-fire, bone-crunching fights that never outstay their welcome. This second instalment in the series further builds on the still expanding mythos of the Warden Global world, but the exposition never slows down the page-turning. Thriller fans will find themselves in comfortable territory.

All in all, Rise of the Storm Bringer is a welcome expansion in the series, and those who enjoyed the first will not be let down by the second. With more characters, more background and higher stakes, Rise of the Storm Bringer keeps the wheels turning on the series with effortless efficiency. Perhaps as a consequence of this, the relationships in the book rarely develop beyond buddy-cop style back-and-forths, but there’ll be time for hand holding and moon gazing after the next super-powered villain is defeated (and there’s a queue of them, trust me.)

Not content to sit in traditional genres, the Warden Global series will appeal to fans of mythic adventure, supernatural thriller and sci-fi action, and also for those of you who are partial to a hard-boiled detective vibe. So if that grabs you, this series is for you.

Review by Rise of the Storm Bringer

Does the elusive white raven, who has shadowed Aven through each of her lives, hold the secret to her release–or is it the cause?

In Chicago, a secret L train runs through the mythical East Side of the city. On that train, you’ll find a house-cat conductor, an alcoholic elf, a queen of the last city farm, the most curious wind, and an exceptional girl by the name of Francesca Finnegan.

The Fairytale Chicago of Francesca Finnegan is a whimsical frolic through an alternate Chicago–past and present–complete with the “real” stories behind many famous Chicago sites, events, and characters. Readers unfamiliar with Chicago landmarks, history, and culture may not find the stories as entertaining as those who have fallen under the Windy City’s charms, but anyone who has will be captivated.

Review by Lynne Hinkey

Raina stole from powerful people. Now those people want to use her magical gifts for their own ends, and they’re not about to give her a choice. In a world where science has conquered magic, real power lies in taming both. Raina will not be tamed.

After her father dies, seventeen-year-old Sky moves in with her estranged aunt in British Columbia. She soon discovers disturbing abilities and a hidden heritage but she must relinquish the tight control she has on her mind to embrace her powers. And accept an elk into her life.

For those of you looking for a YA novel that is a breath of fresh air and does not focus on the romance part, Hidden Dawn is a perfect choice. While the pacing could be too slow on some parts and the main character is not the likable type at first, it makes up greatly for the author’s exquisitely delicate maneuver with character development and the stunning imagery that is constantly present all throughout the novel.

Review by Kate Ashley

Pitch Perfect Pick

A city that doesn’t believe in magic. Bloodthirsty weredragons. Good thing this reckless playboy has superpowers…

It is the year 2110 when a man awakens next to the Winooski River in Vermont with a severe case of amnesia. He soon encounters the acting leader of Vermont, King Henry, and his party, and is told that Vermont is now a fiercely independent republic and …

The Doom Hippies: Bizarro, horror and dark fantasy stories by author Alex S. Johnson.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Littlethumb Sneezed is the introductory tale of prolific artist and renowned philanthropist Littlethumb Brooks. It’s mostly funny, but sometimes sad, a lot like real life. Also, there’s at least four monkeys in this story. That has to be worth something.

David Rose
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A boy, a girl, a lifetime promise, and a little cat, in the magic light of the Japanese moon.

It was supposed to be a simple poaching case. Oh yeah, it involves lycanthropes, but, that shouldn’t be a problem. The trouble is, NOTHING is ever simple when John Fisher, Federal Park police, and retired Navy SEAL is assigned to the case

The Zee Brothers have a strange and dangerous vocation. While some hunt rodents or pests in the dark, Jonah and Judas tackle much larger prey… Zombies. If you like Ash Vs Evil Dead, Army of Darkness and Scooby Doo, you’ll want to try this action packed romp a try.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

A tale of the Weird Wild West and those who lived it.

Marshall Moore’s short fiction is propelled by a scathing wit and a dark imagination. In A Garden Fed by Lightning, as in his two previous short-story collections, Moore spans multiple genres of fiction and subverts them all.

Jessica McCloud is God’s only begotten daughter, and she’s not super thrilled about that. After a close call with a demon, she decides it’s time to learn some messiah survival skills. But that will have to take a back seat to her more immediate concerns, like puberty and bullies…

A walk in the park can change your life. Especially when the new girl turns out to be not human.

Join students Samo, Monty, Ezzie, and Dunya as they study, work, flirt, explore, and battle powers of ancient evil. Will they survive their first year of college?

A thrilling cyberpunk story set in a latin american capital, with a strong female lead and dashes of urban fantasy. A story of personal struggle against society and against the ghosts of our own. A tale of contrasts from beginning to end.

Imagine a world where ancient Celtic gods and goddesses walk among the rest of us. The Devil You Know is the first in an edgy supernatural thriller trilogy set in the real world with immortals that (sometimes) blend in with the rest of us. Full of wicked twists and turns, lies and deception, Cecilia’s journey will make you question everything you think you know about the world around you.

Jesus returns to earth and meets activist Magdalene who is fighting for a better world. But only a conman will recognize him. Using humor, Jesus and Magdalene broaches recent phenomena of social and political conflict.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

When Violet’s world comes crashing down, can she find forgiveness for the one who caused her collapse?

Deborah and Luke have lost their souls and they don’t even know it. But someone does, and they’ll do anything to catch them. A tale of ghosts, death, dreams, love and hope.

The Last Great American Magic reimagines the legend of Tecumseh, a physically gifted warrior, and his twin brother Rattle, a wickedly smart but lazy prophet. Growing up, the boys are rivals, but in adulthood they reconcile to form a confederacy of Native American tribes and fight the advance of settlers.

THE LAST GREAT AMERICAN MAGIC is a worthy read and holds broad appeal for any who enjoy historical or literary fiction, romance and even fantasy. It is a beautifully written, quality novel and worthy of the title TOP PICK.

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To delve into another’s mind is to revel in the depths of truth, cringe in the face of past and imagined horrors, and suffer their dreams, all while searching for balance and serenity. Explore a world where betrayal and deception, desire and trust, weave a fabric that’ll test your sanity.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Beyond Shogun and Madigan’s little corner of the world, an evil has sprouted and is quietly spreading. When it reaches their sleepy hometown, the two childhood friends search for the origin of the darkness – but the answer lies in an old myth about a place that only exists in dreams.

Seventeen-year-old Cera Singer discovers she comes from a long-line of witches after moving from the Deep South to New York State. She then has to develop her powers in order to fight off an evil witch that haunts the forest behind her new home.

Just-dead hate-radio jock Dash Fordhyme begins haunting rightwing pundit Reve Tierney, precipitating events involving (among others) a liberal knitting designer, a psychic career counselor, a republican congressman and his aide, a progressive evangelical minister and a group of immortal soul guides. A serio-comic treatment of today’s political and religious divides.

This is not your typical ghost story. Will our hero spend the rest of eternity reliving a really bad day, or can he escape his seemingly inescapable predicament? Join us in this introduction to the world of the Culhanian Institute!

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Obsessed by flamboyant French poet Arthur Rimbaud, Andrea Mann visits his home town, Charleville-Mézières. Shown a page from Rimbaud’s lost work, La Chasse Spirituelle, Andrea becomes embroiled in a relationship with an attractive youth and his Svengali-like mentor, Albert.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

To put his broken life together, Prodigal son Duddy Doogan must explore his Southern, moss-draped family tree and excavate all the terrible truths and mysteries buried deep within the roots.

What if fairy tale characters such as Humpty Dumpty and Rumpelstiltskin were actually real? And what if they needed our help?

Two different Army veterans of two different wars find they have very strange “gifts”. But gifted or not, in the military or as civilians, the rules are still the same. They’re going to have to fight to survive.

A young girl emerges out of the woods. David is in the middle of wrestling with an unsatisfactory existence when she enters his life. He decides to look out for the girl, but he soon discovers she may not be all she seems. Together they decide to seek out a place of safety, away from a world that could misunderstand their relationship. As their troubles come to the surface, events take a turn that will have life-changing consequences for the both of them.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Seven Misterious Gifts came to Earth and lay dormant, like seeds in an empty desert. Then the rains came, as a young boy, chosen by an Angel to reveal the gifts after enduring a wild, spiritual odyssey through seven arcane and bizarre worlds in pursuit of a lonely white dolphin

Scheduled for Review on December 26, 2016

A preteen discovers she’s a witch when a fight with a school rival turns both magical and nearly fatal.

Fear of a prophecy, of burning magical power, and a broken heart, Sanura, is unprepared when Special Agent Berber enters her life, hunting a preternatural serial killer. Assefa’s intelligent, chocolate eyes and intoxicating aura signature stirs her fire spirit but frightens the woman. Is faith the cure for her fear?

Eleven-year-old twins, Josh and Jenna, are transported into the world of dreams to fulfill an ancient prophecy. They encounter an assortment of bizarre creatures, the strangest of strangers and hair-raising dangers on their quest to find the lost Dreamstone and save the world from an eternity of nightmares.

A fun read for children in the lower age ranges of middle-grade. The scary-silly creatures and imaginative parallel dream and nightmare worlds in The Lost Dreamstone make this an entertaining read for young middle grade readers. Adults who enjoy losing themselves in well-told, complex middle grade and young adult fantasy worlds might find it wanting. It’s most solidly a children’s book.

Review by Lynne Hinkey

“A taut novel of suspense with a thread of the supernatural that seizes the reader’s attention and will not let go. Lurking underneath the saga of a psychic’s imminent mortality and the threat of a ruthless murderer are deeper thematic questions about the essence of human free will.” (Micah Andrews-Midwest Book Review)

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Nat Sheppard’s world is turned upside down by the discovery of a secret room with clues to an ancient treasure. But Nat and her friends discover they’re not the only ones chasing the jewels. Professional treasure hunters are on the trail – and they’re prepared to eliminate anyone in their way.

Franklin and Gage stared in disbelief as the skin on Bouquet’s face rippled like pond water in a pouring rain. “Good Lord,” exclaimed Benjamin. “He’s undergoing a metamorphosis; like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.” “The bloody hell you say,” Gage disagreed hotly. “That’s no butterfly!”

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Welcome to Sanctuary, a bar that exists outside time and offers a safe place to unwind. Well, it doesn’t have to be a bar. It’s anything you need it to be really, but Asher almost always needs a good drink. Enter Asher Hearst: immortal, college student, and small-time fixer.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

A bluesy biker story set in the deep south during the late 60s, with a splash of Stephen King, Poe, and inspiration by Quentin Tarantino. For those interested in true myths and legends, along with the history of the biker culture.

Will Burns has always been a firm believer in the magic of Christmas. He is thrilled when he is invited to a job-training at Snowfields, where he learns all about the production and delivery of the presents, but gets also drawn into the biggest fraud in decades.

After receiving a mysterious communication from a long-extinct coffee shop in Athens, GA, Al Dixon leaves his pregnant wife to investigate. By turns philosophical and slapstick, it offers a funny, moving confrontation with eternal truths that can only be revealed through a raucous night in America’s most legendary college town.

The same rare brain cancer that nearly killed Tarpon Springs celebrity-in-residence Jonathan Christakos years ago is back to finish the job now that he’s on the wrong side of 40. How Jon navigates his last six months is anyone’s guess, but everyone knows that he’s long overdue a miracle.

Patterson’s captivating story draws readers into the fascinating Tarpon Springs. Aside of the factual aspects of this historic place, Patterson does a stellar job keeping his plot light by incorporating fantasy and spirituality to a topic that can be considered rather dismal—dealing with terminal illness and imminent death. A great mix of fact and fiction that is laced with hope and love, Epiphany Man is a perfect read for those looking for a fresh approach to fantasy literature.

Review by Anita Lock

End Matter is a novella, inspired by the work of Stephen King, and the mysticism of New England. Fellow self published and indie authors would certainly enjoy this short, yet clever and enjoyable thriller.

Delve into the early 19th century’s world and accompany the journeys of several historical and fictional characters, whose fates are to converge towards the Fiji islands, while the world is shaken by Napoleonic wars, struggles for independences, global trade, anti-slavery movements and clashes of civillisations.

The story of a young man, Norman, devoid of mentors, who chooses to create his own in the likes of Zeus, Pablo Picasso and Othello. In attempting to find someone to teach him how to live, Norman is confronted with the harshness of reality, and consoled by the powers of imagination.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

A teen-age detective must use her brother’s special brain to find a missing girl and catch the FAKER.

John Biscello
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Underground Title

A spectral, existential noir set against the aging irons of Coney Island and old guard lions of hip hop and silent film, Broken Land, a Brooklyn Tale tracks the singular odyssey of would-be sleuth and soon-to-be wordsmith, Salvatore Massimo Lunezzi. Pr …

In a narrative interwoven with fairytales, the lines that divide memories from dreams blur in the fourth book of the Wordcraft of Oregon Fabulist Novella Series, Mama & the Hungry Hole, by Johanna DeBiase.

John Biscello
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Underground Title

In this rogue’s tale, full of sound, fury, and erotic surrealism, we meet Alex Fillameno, a writer who has traded in the machine-grind of New York for a bare bones existence in the high desert town of Taos, New Mexico. Recently divorced and jobless, Fi …

Sarah Randolph’s just learned that she’s an extraterrestrial living on earth. She’s about to Shift, but she can’t do it alone. Her transformation will reveal her true nature, but will also expose an assailant with sinister intentions. As time runs out, will Sarah’s unique gifts change her fate?

A competent, well written and interesting alien adventure, with a hint of romance, Red-Line: The Shift holds your interest from start to finish. Who is watching Sarah Randolph and what do they want with her? Why hasn’t she felt like herself lately, or been able to sleep? John Ramsey has the answers, or at least some of them, but can she trust him? The action starts quickly, with Sarah going through the ‘shift’ just moments after being told she is not in fact human. The story then confines us to one house and one group of characters as they aid and protect Sarah through her shift, whilst using their own unique sensitivities to divert and fight danger as it appears. Sarah is a ‘red-line’ Eudoran, possibly the last of her kind and the only hope the gray-line Eudorans have of survival…but there is another force at work, and who they are and why they want to get hold of Sarah will no doubt be revealed in Volume Two.

Review by Chantelle Atkins

This story teleports a father and son into an astronomical adventure through time and space to save the universe from a hostile takeover. Along the way these two unlikely heroes create the greatest fighting force known to mankind, properly named AstroKnights.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Kat is struggling to get her life back together. But when she arrives in London for a therapeutic project, an encounter with an enigmatic woman upsets her views of reality, plunging her into a quest for the truth about her past—an astonishing past that reaches back before her birth.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Balan was the youngest wizard to join the Mage High Council, crude and unspoken beyond his years. Now, we venture through the eyes of the last surviving wizard in a world recovering decades after The Great War which gave The Church and their Crusaders power over Europe.

Enchena’s history is written by the victorious. Through war and betrayal, King Hrafn’s reign has spread across the land. The rebellion is stirring again. Two innocent people must be brought from another world. One will bring the rebellion the way to succeed; the other will be their destruction.

BARNACLE BRAT (a dark comedy for grown-ups) is a modern-day Billy Liar meets Donnie Darko; a tale of alienation, loss, and what can happen when a young man’s imagination spins wildly out of control.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

San Francisco 1899. As the city prepares to welcome the new century, a twisted killer enacts his final, grisly legacy.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Cloak of Shadows is a 21st Century Camelot tale with modern day knights, creatures that lurk in the shadows, and dragons.

The angels at God’s office complex regularly turn out amazing projects. Lucifer happens to be working on the development of humans, within the larger Creation project. Lucifer needs to fit rebelling against the Creator into his busy life if he ever wants to get a corporate promotion.

Thrown together in the Polish city of Lublin seemingly by chance, Bertram, Anita and Charles are about to discover that life is not nearly as random as they thought; and that each has a role to play in a desperate but secret battle to save the human race from disaster.

The POTUS sends his top problem solver Marcus Wrath of NOLE to tackle the Three Demons Of Chaos, but first he must find a key not realizing it will unlock the darkest secret of Mars.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Prunella Smith lives in a multi-layered reality. A cyberbully stalks her online, but her dreams, memories, visions of a Tibetan Yogi, and the fantasy novel she’s editing also have a life of their own. Can these separate but complimentary worlds help when Ella becomes victim to a real life stalker?

An unemployed aero-engineer receives an unusual besom broom, becoming part of a heart racing adventure.

Pitch Perfect Finalist

Savagely funny and somewhat cruel, Clifford and Claudia rips away the veneer of social niceties to expose the vulnerabilities that fuel the over-the top characters in this remarkable story of a young man’s coming of age during his desperate days of life with Clifford and Claudia.

In 1982, in Oxford, Rupert Carlos, the heir of an English Earl and a Spanish Countess, meets Clearvoice, a “Red Indian elder who has come to confront the British about the treaties. Rupert’s coming of age is complicated by the shocking conspiracy of a corrupt Canadian bureaucrat in London

James Weems can eavesdrop on the chit-chat of germs. Within these invaders lie the secrets of every living thing. James could end disease’s reign over mankind. Others also possess this gift, and tampering with its works will incur their wrath. And tampering is precisely what James intends to do.

Ezembe has unique story concept with a lot of potential. Those who enjoy medical science-fiction and don’t mind a touch of the supernatural will find it interesting. The story is intriguing enough to keep the reader turning pages, but the ending doesn’t quite live up to the promise, more due to the flat characters than the plot.


Review by Lynne Hinkey

One last chance and a twist of fate take her on an adventure that she never imagined.

They say, “The third time’s the charm”, and for sixteen-year-old Brooke Day, they had better be right. She’s been here before, twice in fact, and so has the darkness awaiting her return.

A great read for paranormal enthusiasts who enjoy a little bit of everything, especially romance.

Review by Anita Lock

Check out the upcoming genre-defying novel by indie author Tina Shyver-Plank. Another Place is filled with lovely poetic prose surrounding the surrealistic story of a young abuse survivor as she struggles for her sanity. It is a beautiful and moving tribute to the power of the traditionally feminine woman to overcome patriarchy and find the truth about divinity without sacrificing her true creative and sensitive self.

Considered for Review

Christian Michael Anderson hasn’t been doing so well lately. He’s out of work, out of money, and out of alcohol. But when he loops a stolen rope through the exposed rafters in his ceiling and places that noose around his neck, his adventure has only begun…

The Mage Union Kingdom and the U’Kuush beast were at war. The human thought this was just another war since three thousand years ago. As the plot thickened, Edmund realized that the mysterious dark forces manipulating the war might be scheming something more.

Join Stanza on a tornadic quest into regional folklore, a string of historical murders, and the occult – and ultimately, into the mysteries behind her own bloody heritage and fey destiny. Between the suspense and the quality of writing, you won’t be able to leave aside this spellbinding first novel.

Ligatures is for readers who appreciate beautiful language and enjoy a story that both entertains and stimulates thought. It is on the dark side, and is not a simple “feel good” read. Instead, it is a novel with depth and complexity and power. Sara Rich is absolutely an author to watch.

Review by Ligatures